GetAgent Review

GetAgent helps property owners who want to sell their homes to find the right estate agent.

Many property owners find it really challenging to sell their properties, and one of the difficulties is often finding the right estate agent. There are so many estate agents to choose from, and each will claim to offer the best of everything to homeowners who are keen to sell their properties. 

However, the estate agent is a very important part of the selling process, so property owners need to ensure they make the right choice.

GetAgent is a provider that makes it easier for homeowners to find the ideal estate agent. Offering a nationwide service, this provider makes it easier to get quotes for selling the property, get valuations, and find an agent that will do the best job of selling the property. In addition, the recommendations are completely impartial and are based on statistics and analysis. 

What They Offer

At GetAgent, property sellers can look forward to a range of benefits to take the strain out of selling their properties. The provider offers a range of services and facilities. This includes:

  • Agent comparison service
  • Booking digital valuations
  • Data-driven tools
  • Listing monitoring capabilities
  • Impartial recommendations
  • Free no-obligation service

With the service that is offered, sellers can find and choose the best agent from the comfort of their own homes. They can make use of a range of information in order to help them to make a more informed choice. 

How It Works

For those looking for a simple solution to help them find the right estate agent, GetAgent provides an effective solution. The whole process is extremely simple, and it means that sellers do not have to spend hours glued to the phone calling estate agencies in their area to get valuations sorted out or find out about fees.

With this platform, all of the hard work is done for the seller so all that is left to do is compare quotes, valuations, and information in order to find the right estate agent.

The search for potentially suitable agents is based on the analysis of a variety of data, and this means that the final list presented to the seller is agents that all match their needs.

Once the seller received details of the agents, they can then check the details to see which of them is most likely to be best suited to them. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

GetAgent uses PropTech in a variety of ways to provide this service to property owners. PropTech is vital to all aspects of the service, is the provider uses online data and statistics to carry out analysis as well as to present information to property sellers. 

GetAgent Reviews

GetAgent has received some very good reviews online from those who have used the service to sell their homes. On Trustpilot, the rating stands at 4.6/5 with close to 75 percent of reviewers giving it a solid 5 stars for service, effectiveness, and ease of use among other things. 

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