Landlord Blog/Life Review

Landlord Blog/Life is a comprehensive blog with a wide variety of resources and articles for UK landlords.

Many landlords benefit from being involved with a community of other landlords, as it means they can access advice and information as well as resources. 

The Landlord Blog is designed to bring landlords together and provide them with access to a range of valuable information and articles that can help them with their lettings business. 

The Landlord blog is a long-running one that gives landlords the opportunity to subscribe and gain access to a wealth of information as well as discounts. By subscribing, landlords can get free tips and advice as well as notification of any new posts that are added to the site. This is a blog that is designed for both new and experienced landlords. 

What They Offer

At the Landlord Blog, users can benefit from access to a range of information, resources, and tools. Some of the offerings on this blog include:

  • Easy subscription for access to advice, tips, and articles
  • A comprehensive list of blog posts and archives
  • Landlord guides and information
  • Forms and checklists for landlords
  • Tips on finding tenants
  • Access to landlord products and services

The blog aims to provide landlords with access to everything they need in terms of resources and information. In addition, the blog posts are added on a regular basis. 

How It Works

This blog provides simplicity and ease for landlords, as they can subscribe with the click of a button after entering their email address. Once this is done, they can stay up to date with new blog posts that are added, as well as receiving tips and information direct to their inbox. 

Everything is properly laid out on the site, so landlords can easily find what they are looking for in terms of information or services. There are sections for landlord resources, landlord guides, landlord forms and checklists, and landlord products and services, among other things. 

Those visiting the site can view the blog posts and articles in date order, so the newer ones are at the top. Landlords can then continue to go through the article archives to look for past posts if they wish to. 

The site has plenty of tabs that link to useful sites for landlords. This ranges from landlord insurance quotes and BTL mortgage quotes to Gas Safety Certificates and up to date tenancy agreements. In addition, there are exclusive deals available on these services for subscribed landlords, which can help them to save money. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As this is an online blog, the use of PropTech is very important. All new articles are uploaded to the blog, and all information and resources are provided online. So, the blog relies heavily on modern technology to provide this digital resource to landlords. There is also a landlord forum, which means landlords can get support and network with others. 

Landlord Blog/Life Reviews

While there are no reviews for this blog, it does have tens of thousands of landlords that have subscribed. This goes some way toward measuring its success and popularity within the landlord community. 

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