Property Geek Review

Billed as ‘the ultimate resource for UK property investors’, Property Geek actually lives up to its billing.

That’s because the guy behind it, Rob Dicks, owns a lettings agent and a property investment company and has authored several best selling books on property investment.

That means he is an expert in every sense of the word and his blog is packed full of useful tips and articles for both new and existing landlords and investors.

What They Offer:

At the time of conducting our Property Geek review we found the blog consisted of the following:

  • An option to sign-up for a free email course
  • A weekly news and advice email
  • Step-by-step plans to getting started in property investment
  • Guides to financing, management, and tax for investors
  • A regular free podcast featuring the latest advice

Allow us to make something clear, the content on Property Geek isn’t some throw-away advice that you’ll read in 2 minutes then forget forever.

Every post is incredibly well thought-out, researched, and written. It’s entertaining yet incredibly informative. And that reflects both Rob’s personality and his knowledge.

So, as far as advice for property investors goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

How It Works

While the site is primarily a property blog, you can be forgiven if you don’t feel that’s immediately obvious.

In fact, when you land on the page you’ll start reading a message that may feel like you’re about to be sold something. However, you’re not…. well, that’s not strictly true. You are, but only the opportunity to sign-up for a free email course.

Sure, Rob will offer things you can buy once you’re on his list. However, those kind of emails are genuinely few and far between. 

The vast majority of emails are highly educational and vital to understand as an investor. His email list is, therefore, well worth getting on.

Once you’re on the list you can head to the blog for the latest articles and advice, or choose from one of the categories on the main navigation. This will lead you to the various guides Rob has written on everything from bridging finance to what to do when things go wrong.

The website itself is beautifully designed but, if we were to have one criticism it’s that it can be perhaps a little ‘over-designed’ in places. It means that some areas are perhaps a little confusing or take up more space than they maybe need to. This is a very minor criticism though in a sea of positives.

How Do They Use PropTech?

I mean, it’s not the height of technology, but then what blogs really are? Essentially Property Geek deliver lots of good content via email and online and that’s about the extent of the technology they use. However, they do also have the Podcasts which are worth keeping in mind as another good use of tech.

Property Geek Reviews

While there aren’t a great number of Property Geek reviews around (as you’ll find with most blogs), Rob’s published books do attract lots of high praise. In fact, several are best sellers and come highly rated. Therefore, you can trust the information on Property Geek is of the highest calibre.

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