HomeOwners Alliance Review

Established in 2011, HomeOwners Alliance are one of the authority consumer advice websites you’ll see popping up time and time again.

Positioning themselves as a kind of Which? of the property market, the site focuses on consumer guides, tools and reviews. 

Many of their services are provided in conjunction with partners, but that doesn’t take away from the sheer number of helpful tools you’ll find on the site as a homeowner.

What They Offer:

At the time of conducting our HomeOwners Alliance review we found their blog consisted of the following:

  • Lots of consumer guides to help homeowners make the right decisions
  • Tools to help find almost any type of service, from surveyors to architects
  • A free bi-weekly newsletter that covers news, advice and money-saving offers
  • Various reports and campaigns that set them apart as experts

HomeOwners Alliance are very much specialists in helping people who own their own homes. They don’t tend to cover information relevant to property investors, landlords or tenants. However, that does mean their advice for buyers and sellers is top-notch.

In fact, they are considered to be one of the authoritative sources and have been mentioned in several leading publications including BBC and The Telegraph.

Their content is updated pretty regularly and their CEO and Co-Founder, Paula Higgins regularly features in interviews across various media platforms.

How It Works

Essentially, when you visit the HomeOwners Alliance website, you need to decide whether you’re there for information and advice, or to use one of the many tools they offer.

If it’s simply advice you’re after, you can use the top navigation menu to select the category most relevant to you. Alternatively, you can scroll down through the homepage and look out for the content boxes that will take you to specific articles.

If you’d like to test out one of their tools, you can use the big services dropdown selector on the homepage, or click on the ‘Services’ navigation in the top menu. From there you can choose which type of service you need help finding. 

The list includes mortgages, conveyancing, building surveys, valuations, estate agents, removals, and many more.

As we mentioned earlier in our review, most of these are provided by third parties, but that shouldn’t take away from how useful they are. As long as you’re aware they are third-party services you can factor that into any decision you make.

How Do They Use PropTech?

Like most blogs, the simple fact they make all of their content available online means they are using technology in the way they deliver their free service. However, the PropTech factor is taken a step further with the inclusion of the many comparison and finder tools they offer for different services.

HomeOwners Alliance Reviews

While most blogs do not have much in the way of customer reviews since they don’t directly provide their own service, HomeOwners Alliance do have quite a few customer reviews published on the likes of Reviews.io and Google. The majority of these are positive.

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