SpareRoom Review

SpareRoom is a leading UK service that caters to the needs of those searching for flatmates and those looking for a room to rent.

Many people these days decide they want to rent a room and move in with a flatmate. This could be while at university, due to work, or simply because their budget does not allow for buying a home or renting an entire property. 

For some people, renting a room is a convenient and affordable solution that allows them to enjoy flexibility and share costs with someone else.

SpareRoom is a leading UK service that helps to match those looking for a room to rent with those who are searching for a flatmate or housemate. The platform provides a range of tools and resources to help match people with the ideal room in the area they are searching for. It also caters to people looking for accommodation across the country. 

What They Offer

SpareRoom aims to provide a very simple and efficient service that is easy to use. It offers a range of tools and services to help do this, and this includes:

  • Search facility for those looking for a room
  • Advertising portal for those looking to find a flatmate
  • Browse facility 
  • Ability to advertise a whole property
  • Guides and information
  • Informative blog

By simplifying the whole process, SpareRoom makes it much faster and more convenient for people to find rooms to rent and for people to advertise rooms and properties that are available for rent. 

How It Works

The way in which this service works is very simple, and this means that those looking to find or rent out a room should experience no problems. Everything is clearly explained on the site, and the registration process is quick and simple. 

Website visitors can post ads for flatmates or rooms, or there is a browse facility and search facility that can be used.

For those looking to rent a room, there are plenty of properties to choose from across the UK. Using the search facility provided makes it easier to filter results to find the ideal match. Renters can also simply browse the properties and ads available to help them find the right room and flatmate.

Those who want to rent out a room to someone will also find the platform very easy to use. Placing an ad is a simple process, and once this is done advertisers can wait for people to be matched to the room. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

With the entire service being based online, PropTech is very important to SpareRoom and plays a pivotal role in the services that it offers. It is through the use of PropTech that those looking to find or rent out a room can be matched with the ideal flatmate. 

SpareRoom Reviews

SpareRoom has plenty of great reviews online, and this includes a very impressive 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot. This is from thousands of reviewers who have used the service and been impressed with many different aspects of it. 

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