allAgents Review

allAgents is a comprehensive platform for property sellers and landlords that offers a range of valuable services.

Many people find that one of the difficult aspects of selling or renting out their home is finding the right estate agent. The choice of estate agent can make a huge difference to everything from how soon the property sells to the level of interest and the amount it costs to sell or rent out the home. 

This is why it is so important for sellers and landlords to find the right agent.

The property platform from allAgents is designed to provide a huge range of information under one virtual roof. This can help property sellers and landlords to find the right estate agent with greater ease and convenience, removing a lot of the hassle and time out of the process. This is done through the provision of a range of tools and resources, all of which make up the allAgents platform.

What They Offer

Homeowners and landlords using the allAgents platform in order to sell or rent out their properties can look forward to a range of features and tools. Some of the things the platform offers are:

  • Best rages agents by league tables
  • Area search facility
  • Ability to search by name
  • Latest estate agent reviews
  • Instant valuations online
  • Ability to compare estate agency fees

All these things can help homeowners and landlords to find the ideal estate agent for their specific needs. This can then speed up the sale or rental of the property while also enabling users to save money on fees and benefit from greater peace of mind. 

How It Works

The allAgents platform is extremely simple to use, and this means that property sellers and landlords can save themselves a lot of time, stress, and effort when it comes to finding a suitable agent. 

The website is user-friendly with all of the options and tools clearly visible, so users can choose how they want to search and what information they wish to access.

Sellers and landlords can look at league tables and reviews as well as request an instant valuation via the website. In addition, they can run a search based on their local area or by name if they prefer. There are different sections that offer information including best rates estate agency companies of the week and best reviews of the week, among others. 

There is also a simple form that both sellers and landlords looking to rent out their property can use in order to receive responses from suitable agents. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As allAgents is an online platform, the use of appropriate PropTech is essential in terms of providing the service to homeowners. The provider uses technology to make life easier for landlords and homeowners who want to rent out or sell their properties with greater ease and convenience. 

allAgents Reviews

While allAgents does offer reviews of estate agencies on its platform, its own reviews are very mixed. On Trustpilot, it only has 2/5 stars, although there has been some argument between the two sites over the accuracy of these reviews. 

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