Rentila Review

With it’s clean, modern website and offer of being a free cloud-based property management software, there’s a lot to like about Rentila.

Sure, the free option only applies if you have one simple property to management, but even the paid plans are reasonably priced.

The modern website is matched by a nice clean and simple to use platform that helps you manage your property portfolio more effectively. The company claim that over 30k landlords manage more than 100k properties using Rentila. That’s enough to take their offer pretty seriously.

What They Offer:

At the time of conducting our Rentila review we found their service consisted of the following:

  • Cloud-based property management software
  • Gain more control with end-to-end property management
  • Manage tenancies and all the legal paperwork that comes with them
  • Manage your accounting to make your returns easier
  • Create pre-filled tenancy agreements in just a few clicks
  • manage an unlimited number of properties through the platform

Clearly property management is a complex affair. Even after you’ve found your tenants you then need to complete all the paperwork, keep your books in order, comply with legal requirements and your landlord responsibilities, and keep up-to-date with any changes.

Rentila helps you do that by giving you one easy-to-use platform to manage everything in one place. 

It puts all of the tools you need in one place and even allows you to securely message your tenants, helping you deal with issues calmly and efficiently.

It’s as much about accounting as it is about managing your tenancies too. You can upload electronic copies of your receipts and help keep all of your books in order ready for when the tax man comes knocking!

How It Works

There are three key steps to follow to get up and running with Rentila. First, you need to add your properties. That means stating key information about the properties, its contents and so on.

Secondly, you’ll need to add your tenants. You can add all their personal details alongside information about their guarantors.

The third and final step is then to connect your tenants to the properties they have an agreement to rent. At this point you can specify how much they pay, how long the agreement is for and other important details.

If you have a lot of properties this setup may take a short while, however, it’s most time-consuming at the start. Once you have everything uploaded you won’t need to upload it again until something changes.

Once everything is documented in the platform you can then make use of some of the features that make ongoing tasks simpler. That means tools such as tracking maintenance and repair issues and accounting functions.

How Do They Use PropTech?

Rentila make use of technology in that their whole platform is based online in the cloud. That gives you the benefit of being able to access all of your information wherever you have internet access. The platform has been very well designed and looks clean and modern while giving a good user experience.

Rentila Reviews

Despite it’s claimed size and age, there are surprisingly few Rentila reviews available online.

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