Property Manager 3S Review

Since its launch in 2006, Property Manager 3S landlord software from PropertyHawk has been free to use.

Thanks to advancements in digital technology over the past two decades, landlords have been able to enjoy easier access to tools and solutions to assist them. 

With some landlords juggling a portfolio of properties, property management can become chaotic without the right tools in place. Property Manager 3S is landlord software that has been around since 2006 and is available free of charge to landlords.

Those wishing to check out the software can do so with ease simply by registering. This then provides landlords with a better idea of whether the software is suited to their needs.

The software offers a full suite of online property management tools, which are designed to make life easier for landlords and improve efficiency.

What They Offer

This free software solution for landlords offers a range of facilities and features for landlords to benefit from. Some of the features they offer include:

  • Document centre for forms, emails, tenancy agreements, and other documents
  • Tenancy details with reports other information 
  • Real-time digital rent book with final balances
  • Inventory section with editable descriptions
  • Sections for tasks and notes
  • Reminders and alerts

These features cover the essential needs of most landlords, enabling them to streamline processed and make different aspects of renting more manageable. 

How It Works

This landlord’s software offers a host of features for landlords to use, and it is simple and straightforward to use. Landlords should make sure they register and check out the demo in order to determine whether the software is right for them. 

This enables users to try out the various features of the software and look at how easy and straightforward it is for them to use.

The software provides access to both form and property management tools, which means that landlords have everything they need under one virtual roof. Using this digital solution means that keep track of everything becomes far easier, and the software aims to improve efficiency by providing a wide range of features. 

Landlords can also benefit from a secure server with an encrypted connection for added peace of mind.

How Do They Use PropTech?

As this is a software solution for landlords, using PropTech is vital as the whole solution is based on technology. Making use of PropTech means enables the makers of the software to offer a slick and modern solution to landlords who are looking for a simple means of managing their properties and tenancies as well as other aspects of their business.

Property Manager 3S Reviews

Many landlords have used this software solution, with many impressed by being able to access valuable features free of charge. There are many positive comments that users have sent in, which can be viewed on the PropertyHawk site. 

The comments demonstrate the popularity of the software as well as giving an insight as to what people like about the solution. Comments include praise for both service levels and the features of the software. 

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