Property Investment Blueprint Review

Property Investment Blueprint offers property courses and a range of other services for those involved in property investing.

Investing in property has become hugely popular over the years. Many people have switched from working 9-5 jobs to becoming property investors and being able to shape their own futures. 

There is a lot of money to be made in property investment, but it is essential for those getting involved to have the right skills and knowledge to succeed. This is where property investment courses can prove invaluable.

Property Investment Blueprint offers a range of services for property investors including property courses and education. Those interested in property investment education will find a range of courses available from the provider, which makes it easier for new and experienced investors to learn new skills and develop their knowledge within the industry. 

What They Offer

At Property Investment Blueprint, those interested in property investment can access a range of services. Some of these are:

  • Property investment courses
  • Access to free tools and resources
  • Property deals
  • Investor websites section
  • Free newsletter
  • Video tips and interviews

This is just a selection of the services that the provider offers access to, and all of the services are designed to make things easier for those involved in property investment. 

How It Works

Those visiting the Property Investment Blueprint website will find it easy to access the wide range of services that the provider offers. This includes a wide range of property investment courses and educational tools that are available via the website. 

When it comes to the education section of the site, visitors will find a variety of links leading to different tools and services. This includes property education, investment guides, video tips and interviews, and property portfolios. 

There are also lots of property investment courses that are designed to deliver as well as offer value for money.

Users can scroll down and find full details of each of the courses that are available, and this makes it easy to see which ones are best suited to their needs. There are courses designed to meet different levels of experience, which means that seasoned investors can also benefit as well as those new to property investing. 

Access to the range of free property tools via the site is an added bonus for those who are interested in or involved in property investing. 

Advantages of Property Investment Blueprint

Let’s take a look at what advantages you can expect from the site.

Plenty of Tools

Property Investment Blueprint provides access to an abundance of free forms and templates. This can help you to evaluate deals and assess lettings and property management. 

Property Investment Advice

The Property Investment Blueprint team also provides property investment advice. This includes information on how to find the ideal property deals, how to invest in property safely, ethically, and recommendations for property investment tools, including software, books, and educational products. 

Disadvantages of Property Investment Blueprint

Naturally, nothing is ever perfect so you’ll need to keep these potential disadvantages in mind…

Busy Website

The Property Investment Blueprint website is rather crowded, making it a little tricky to navigate. While it is packed with resources, it can take some time to delve deeply to find what you’re looking for. 

Minimal Reviews

Property Investment Blueprint does not have a Trustpilot profile, and there are no reviews on Google. This can make it very difficult to verify website claims and other details of the service. 

The History

Property Investment Blueprint was established by John Wilson. John has been investing in property since 2003 after realising that he wanted to become financially free and no longer wanted to have a job. He was inspired by a property investment seminar and the story of how the guru had built up a large property portfolio. 

John started slowly with low value properties, but he quickly ran out of capital. He took a part time job as the portfolio management wasn’t taking too much time. This job lasted a few years and was with a local letting agent, so John was able to develop even more experience. 

John went into partnership with his letting agent boss and ended up with two branches of his own letting agency.

He sold up in 2011 to get back to what he loved; making property deals and established Property Investment Blueprint. 

Today, the aim of the site is to help others to navigate the path to financial freedom. The site offers articles, resources, and other tools to help identify ethical, considered investments. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

This provider offers a range of services, and many of these are provided online, which means online technology is vital to the company. In order to provide its services to property investors, Property Investment Blueprint relies heavily on PropTech, and it plays a pivotal role in operations. 

Property Investment Blueprint Reviews

While there are no reviews of Property Investment Blueprint online, there is plenty of information on the website to help investors. In addition, the provider has a Facebook page that has thousands of followers as well as additional information for those interested in the services that they offer. 

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