Progressive Property Review

Founded in 2007, Progressive Property offers investment education for new and experienced property investors in the UK.

More and more people have developed an interest in property investment in the UK over recent years, with many realising that this is an incredible way to increase wealth and assets. However, those who want to succeed in this competitive market have to ensure they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and training. 

Accessing property investment education services is one of the key ways in which this can be achieved.

Progressive Property is a provider that offers a range of services for property investors, and this includes access to a wide range of educational courses. The training and courses available via the site include introductory courses, online courses, masterclasses, and mentorships, among other things. 

Using multimedia channels, the provider caters to both new investors and more seasoned ones. 

What They Offer

At Progressive Property, investors can access a variety of services and resources designed to help them to achieve greater success. Among the offerings the provider gives access to are:

  • Online courses in property investment
  • Introductory courses
  • Advanced courses and mentorships
  • Informative blog
  • Access to industry products
  • Access to virtual and in-person events

By providing access to this type of specialist and targeted education, Progressive Property is able to help investors at all levels to make the most of their investments and enjoy greater success. 

How It Works

Visitors to the Progressive Property website will find a host of information about the services and products that are available. There are lots of different categories to choose from including events and courses. 

In these sections, website visitors will find details of the variety of events and courses that are available to help property investors develop the skills and knowledge they need as well as to network with others.

Those interested in the events and courses can quickly and conveniently learn more simply by clicking on the relevant links. There is a separate section for virtual events and online courses, so those who want to learn remotely can browse this section for details of what is available. 

Those who prefer to attend in-person will also find a range of events that are scheduled. 

By offering access to these events and courses along with a range of products and resources such as books and podcasts, Progressive Property is able to provide valuable assistance to those keen to progress in property investment. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

While Progressive Property does offer some in-person events, many of its services, courses, and events are hosted online. This means that PropTech has become vital to the operation of this provider. Using modern technology means that it can help those interested or involved in property investment to succeed with greater ease. 

Progressive Property Reviews

There are lots of positive reviews that have been left online about Progressive Property, and this includes hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot. The provider has an overall score of 4.7/5 on this site as well as thousands of additional reviews online. 

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