Hammock Review

Designed by landlords for landlords, Hammock is a great solution to help with managing finances relating to your property rentals.

There are many aspects of the lettings process that have to be closely monitoring by landlords and letting agents, one of which is finances. When it comes to dealing with finances, things can become very challenging for landlords particularly when trying to also deal with all other aspects of lettings. 

Of course, the financial side of lettings is a vital area, so it is important for landlords to ensure they stay in control. This means using the right tools and resources to help deal with the financial side of lettings.

One solution that can prove invaluable when it comes to dealing with property finances is Hammock. This software is packed with features designed to make life easier for landlords and letting agencies and to help keep all areas of property finances on track. Users can get help with everything from rent collecting, income, and expenses to landlord bookkeeping, financial indicators, and more. 

What They Offer

The Hammock software has plenty to offer to landlords, with a wide range of features and benefits to make it easier for the landlord to deal with property finances. This includes:

  • Rent collection monitoring facilities
  • Bookkeeping features
  • Financial indicators and insights
  • Hammock analytics
  • Central financial platform
  • A range of plans available

The various tools and features of the software make it an ideal option for landlords and letting agents who want to streamline financial processes. 

All aspects of property finances can be dealt with conveniently and simply through a central platform, which essentially saves users a huge amount of time and hassle. 

How It Works

The great thing about Hammock is that it is a very simple software solution that can help landlords with one or two properties or with a large number of homes being rented out. In addition, everything is clear and well designed, and this makes using the software extremely easy and manageable. 

The ability to manage all aspects of property finance via the platform means that users can enjoy total ease and convenience when using the software.

Users can also benefit from great support, and for those who want to try before they buy, there is even a free trial available to find out more about how it works and what the benefits are. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As a very handy software solution, Hammock makes good use of PropTech in order to provide landlords and letting agents with the help they need in terms of property finances. The use of modern technology is vital in terms of enabling the provider to offer valuable tools and features to landlords. 

Hammock Reviews

There are no user reviews of Hammock online at present. However, the provider does offer a trial period of the software, so those interested can try it out for themselves without being out of pocket. This makes it easier to make an informed decision with regard to the longer-term suitability of the software.

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