CrowdProperty Review

CrowdProperty is a specialist platform designed for investors looking to get involved in crowdfunding in the property market.

Over recent years, many people have expressed an interest in getting involved in property investment. However, not everyone wants to use traditional means such as buying a property to sell it on or rent it out. 

Well, there is another solution, and this is to get involved in crowdfunding projects in the property market. This makes it easier for investors to get involved with the property market while staying in control of what they invest. 

CrowdProperty is a specialist platform that makes this whole process easy and manageable for those who are interested in investing. Many investments and savings offer very low interest rates these days, so many are keen to try crowdfunding in the property industry to boost their returns. Run by experts in the property industry, this platform gives investors new opportunities to get involved with property crowdfunding and investment. 

What They Offer

There are various benefits and services that users can look forward to when using this crowdfunding property platform. Some of the features and benefits they offer are:

  • An FCA authorised platform
  • Auto-investing services
  • Impressive returns on investments
  • Finance for property investors
  • Ability to view live projects
  • Monitoring of all projects

People who are new to this type of investment will undoubtedly appreciate the auto-invest service and the support available from the team at CrowdProperty. In addition, there is the added reassurance that the platform was founded and run by experts within the property industry. 

How It Works

While some people may believe that getting involved with property investing through crowdfunding may be complicated, this platform makes it as simple and straightforward as possible. Investors can register quickly and conveniently online in order to get started with the investment process.

The whole process works very simply. The team at CrowdProperty selects a project, the details of which are then provided. Investors can then decide whether they want to get involved and if so, can pledge money. 

Once the money has been raised, work begins on the project and the team at CrowdProperty will monitor progress. Once the project is completed, investors are repaid.

In addition, the site also provides details of property projects that are up and coming, so investors have time to think about which ones they want to get involved with. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As a digital property crowdfunding and investment platform, PropTech is naturally very important to this provider. The platform utilises digital technology to not only help investors to find suitable projects to invest in but also help property professionals to get the funding they need for their projects. 

CrowdProperty Reviews

Another thing that will give potential investors reassurance is the excellent reviews that it has gained online. On the Trustpilot review site, the platform has an excellent rating of 4.8/5, and some reviewers have commented on how well their investments have performed via the platform. On Google Reviews, the platform has a perfect 5/5 rating. 

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