Resooma Bills Review

Resooma Bills provides an efficient way for house sharers to split bills and make one convenient monthly payment for all bills.

Living as part of a house share can be fun and convenient. However, when it comes to paying and splitting bills, it can become something of a nightmare. Many people such as students sharing accommodation find that they get into a mess with household bills and that they are constantly chasing other housemates for their share of the overall payment.

Resooma Bills aims to make this process far easier and more convenient for house sharers. It does this in a number of ways. 

First, users only have to make one payment each month to cover all of the payments for household bills. Second, payments are taken automatically from each participant or housemate, so nobody has to go through the stress and embarrassment of chasing payments from others. 

What They Offer

Those who decide to use the Resooma Bills app can look forward to various valuable features and benefits designed to make dealing with shared household bills easier. Some of these include:

  • One convenient monthly payment for all household bills
  • Bills split fairly and automatically taken from each participant
  • A simple interface and easy to use
  • Access to cheapest deals on utilities
  • Ability to tailor package to suit household needs
  • Saving time and hassle for all house sharers

The way in which the app works means that everything can be set up with speed, ease, and convenience. Users can then look forward to ongoing benefits and the ability to make splitting and paying bills much easier. 

How It Works

The Resooma Bills app is very easy to use, and all users need to do is download the app and get an instant quote for their household. The package can be tailored with ease based on what individual households require in terms of services and what bills they want to add to the service. Then other housemates can be invited to join.

Once this is done, all the user needs to do is sign up and create the account, and that’s all there is to it. 

Once the sign-up is completed, users can look forward to access to discounted services such as energy and even high-speed Wi-Fi with installation arranged if required.

After everything has been calculated, each housemate will know exactly what the total amount they have to pay each month will be. There is just one payment to cover all the included bills, and this is taken from each housemate automatically to save time and hassle. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

PropTech is very important to this provider, as the service is based on an app that is used on computers and smart devices. The technology used means that users can benefit in many ways when it comes to dealing with household bills for a shared accommodation. 

Resooma Bills Reviews

There are some very good reviews from this app online from many users who have been impressed with its efficiency. There are some testimonials on the website from satisfied users. In addition, on Trustpilot, the app has an excellent rating of 4.6/5.

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  1. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Horrendous company from start to finish with an endless list of issue. They don’t deliver your wifi until a month into your tenancy leaving you without wifi and no way of contacting the provider about it. Resooma itself is impossible to contact. You can’t ring there customer service line until 4pm even thought it’s supposedly open from 9am and when you do ring you rarely get through to speak to anyone. They don’t reply to any emails for days. They take your payment for your energy bills but don’t actually pay the energy provider leaving you with the energy company chasing you and affecting your credit score. They also charge you more than what your bills are and don’t tell you unless you notice. They will also charge you a cancellation fee even though there service is completely inadequate and useless. Avoid at all costs and do not give them any of your money, not a good company whatsoever.

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