Prop Cert Review

Prop Cert is a provider of a range of property certificates designed to meet the needs of landlords, homeowners, and property developers.

When it comes to selling, renting out, or building new properties in the UK, various certifications are required these days. This includes certificates such as Energy Performance Certificates, which are now mandatory. 

In order to ensure adherence to government regulations and guidelines, it is important that these inspections are carried out by professionals with the right accreditation and training.

This is where Prop Cert comes into the equation, as this provider deals with a range of property certificates administered and issued by professionals. Using modern technology and the expertise of specialist teams, this provider offers a service that is designed to be efficient, fast, and reliable. 

There are various certifications available from the provider, and website visitors can watch an informative video and request a demo to learn more. 

What They Offer

At Prop Cert, landlords, homeowners, and property developers can access a range of property-related certification services. Some of the services they offer include:

  • EPCs for residential and commercial properties
  • Electrical Installation Safety Reports
  • Newbuild services
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Solid Fuel Appliances
  • Chimney sweeping services

Orders for any services required can be placed online, which helps to make things easier and more convenient for clients. In order to stay using the services, interested parties simply need to set up an account online. This can be done quickly and easily online, which then provides full access to information and services. 

How It Works

The way in which the process from Prop Cert works is very simple, which makes it ideal for those with hectic schedules. The bespoke order management system is fast and easy to use, and once an account has been set up, orders can be placed without any problem via the portal. 

In addition to placing new orders, account holders can also track existing orders to ensure everything is running to schedule.

The ordering process through this portal is also very easy, and it takes less than one minute to make the request. Once the request has been put through, it then gets assigned to one of the professionals to get in touch and make arrangements with 24 hours. Once an appointment has been made, confirmation is sent through. 

The client is kept up to date with emails and notifications. In addition, any certificates can be accessed with ease via the online portal for future use. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As an online portal, the use of PropTech is very important to Prop Cert. All services are offered online via the portal, and clients can place their orders and receive their certificates online as well. So, digital technology plays a big part in the services that the provider offers. 

Prop Cert Reviews

There are currently no online reviews for this provider. However, there is a free demo and an informative video that can be watched via the website. This then gives potential users the opportunity to see whether the provider can assist them. 

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