Mojo Mortgages Review

Mojo is an online mortgage broker that helps home buyers to get the best deals on mortgages.

Finding the right mortgage product can be a very daunting task, and many people find the whole process confusing, stressful, and difficult. Some people have no experience when it comes to getting a mortgage while others simply do not have the time or confidence the tackle the whole process on their own. 

This is where using a mortgage broker can help, and in today’s digital world, this is a service that can be accessed online. 

Mojo is one such online mortgage broker and works with more than 90 lenders to help home buyers to get the best deal on their mortgage. In addition to mortgages, the provider also helps those who are looking to remortgage. 

The service that is offered to buyers and homeowners is free of charge, and anyone that applies benefits from their own personal mortgage advisor to help them find the best deal. 

What They Offer

Essentially, Mojo provides home buyers and homeowners with the chance to get the most favourable deals on mortgages and remortgages. The broker offers a range of different services and options for users such as:

  • Mortgage deals from 90 lenders
  • Help for property buyers
  • Assistance with remortgages
  • Instant quotes to speed things up
  • High level of customer service
  • Tools and resource section

All the services and information available on the site is geared toward helping visitors to get the best deals as well as educating them with access to valuable tools. 

How It Works

Visitors to the Mojo site should find the service very simple and convenient to use, and this means that there is no hassle involved in finding the best deals on mortgages and remortgages. The provider deals with standard mortgages, first-time buyer mortgages, remortgages, and buy to let mortgages, so it offers a diverse range of services.

Those looking for help in finding a mortgage can create an account and make an application very quickly and easily.

The site itself is easy to navigate, and this means that visitors can quickly find the information they are looking for and get things moving with their mortgage. Once the application has been made, the Mortgage Matcher finds the perfect deal.

Once the user has received details of the mortgage, they can then chat with dedicated mortgage advisors to get everything set up and finalised. This also enables them to get expert advice from professionals. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

At Mojo, the services provided are all reliant on the use of modern technology. This means that PropTech plays a pivotal role in the operation of the provider and the platform. Everything is sorted out online, which means that users can benefit from greater speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Mojo Reviews

Those considering using Mojo can enjoy extra reassurance from the excellent reviews the provider has from more than 1,000 people. On Trustpilot, the provider has a very impressive rating of 4.7/5 with customers very happy with the service, efficiency, and results. 

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