Boomin Review

Boomin is a property website that makes it easier for property buyers and renters to engage more easily with agents with the aim of making the buying or renting process easier.

Many people who are looking to buy or rent a home often struggle with many aspects of the process. This can include everything from finding the right property to communication with relevant agents and contacts. 

Fortunately, there are various online property portals and platforms in use these days, and these can help to make the process faster, more efficient, and far less stressful for those looking to find the ideal property.

By creating what it describes as a ‘property playground’, Boomin hopes to revolutionize the industry with a new approach for those hunting for a property. 

By using the platform, property hunters can benefit in many ways such as being matched with the right properties and being able to engage and communicate far more easily with agents to move the process forward. The ability to engage with agents means that property hunters could even gain access to off-market and pre-listed properties. 

What They Offer

The Boomin platform has plenty to help property hunters to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free process when it comes to finding the ideal property. This includes benefits such as:

  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Ability to engage with agents
  • Access to a wider range of properties including pre-marketing homes
  • Ability to arrange viewings online around the clock
  • Access to purchase products for home before moving
  • Being matched to ideal properties

For many people, the process of finding a home to rent or buy can be daunting, but the Boomin platform aims to make this much easier. It also aims to enhance interactions between property hunters and agents for a more personal experience. 

How It Works

The aim of this property platform is to open up the market and ensure property hunters can enjoy more opportunities and choices when it comes to finding their new home. In addition, it aims to make it easier for buyers and renters to access properties even when they have not yet been officially marketing by connecting them more effectively with agents.

Created by experts – the founders of established property site Purplebricks – the platform aims to provide house-hunters with everything they need to make the process easier and more efficient.

The wide range of features helps to increase the chances of a successful property match while engagement with agents gives the whole process a more traditional touch in a digital age. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

While Boomin aims to add a traditional touch to its processes through increased engagement between property hunters and agents, it is still a digital platform that requires the use of PropTech. This technology is vital to the running of the platform and its ability to help property hunters. 

Boomin Reviews

There are limited reviews of Boomin online at the moment. However, from reviews submitted so far, it has an impressive 5/5 overall rating on Google Reviews.

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