Virtual Val Review

Virtual Val offers a free property valuation tool for the customer of property agents, resulting in more leads for agencies.

Most lettings and estate agents these days struggle to stay ahead of the stiff competition within the industry. However, there are services and tools that can make it easier to compete and to increase business. 

Many of these tools rely on technology, and in today’s digital age, many estate agents find that a huge portion of their success comes from online activities.

Virtual Val is one tech tool that estate and lettings agents can benefit from, and this is a simple yet very effective method of gaining leads.

The tool is synced with agency websites to enable visitors to the site to get a free property valuation by entering their details. Agencies can then capture this information and follow up on valuable leads in a bid to increase business. 

What They Offer

Virtual Val offers a simple yet effective solution that estate and lettings agencies of all sizes can benefit from. Some of the key things that are on offer include:

  • Agency branded valuation tool for agents
  • Free valuation for website customers
  • Interactive Predictive Canvassing Map
  • Ability to secure leads with ease and convenience
  • Leads calculator tool
  • A chance to compete more effectively with rivals

The simplicity of this tool means that agents do not have to invest huge amounts of time or money into trying to get more leads. Once the tool is installed, it will do all the legwork and agents can then simply follow up on the leads that are generated. 

How It Works

The Virtual Val valuation tool is extremely easy to use, and it simply syncs with the websites of agencies and provider visitors to the site with a free way to get a property valuation. 

Those looking for a valuation must enter their details, and agents can then pick up on these details as leads and can make the next move by getting in touch with them.

The tool is aimed at taking the effort and time out if generating leads for estate and lettings agents, and the variety of tools that are offered make it easy to also monitor leads. The whole process is managed by a team of experts, which means minimal fuss and involvement for agents. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

This tool is synced to agency websites in order to provide website visitors with a free valuation facility. In addition, the leads are also generated online for agents. 

This means that Virtual Val is heavily reliant on PropTech to provide the necessary tools and services that agencies require to generate leads. 

Virtual Val Reviews

While there do not appear to be any online reviews for Virtual Val, the site does give agents the opportunity to test drive the tool. This makes it easier for estate and lettings agents to see whether the valuation tool is the right choice for their agency without having to make any commitment. 

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