Viewing Booker Review

Viewing Booker is a tool that enables estate and letting agents to benefit from automated property viewing schedules.

The life of estate and lettings agents can be very busy, and sometimes this can lead to issues when it comes to scheduling appointments for viewing properties. 

When appointments get double-booked or someone forgets to add them to the diary, it can lead to all sorts of issues including a tarnished reputation and lost business.

Viewing Booker is a tool that has been designed to reduce the risk of this happening, as it uses automation to schedule viewings for estate and letting agents. 

This can make life far easier for agents, and it means that everything runs smoothly when it comes to conducting viewings with prospective buyers and renters.

What They Offer

Viewing Booker is an online software solution that provides automated scheduling to make the lives of estate and letting agents easier when it comes to viewings. Some of the things this solution offers include:

  • Ease of use
  • Property link sharing
  • Notifications when viewing booked
  • Reminder facility for viewers
  • A choice of billing plans

The whole process is very simple and is designed to fit around the needs of busy agents. It helps to ensure that appointments are not missed and provides agents with control and simplicity.

How It Works

The Viewing Booker software is extremely simple to set up and use, with full instructions provided on the site. The site itself is easy to navigate, so agents can learn about the features of the software and assess its suitability for their needs.

According to figures, more than 50 percent of property viewing enquiries are made online when agents have finished work and are offline. This can result in a lot of missed business for agencies, but this software aims to stop that from happening by enabling viewings to be arranged online whether or not the agent is working at the time. 

Notifications are then sent to the agent to advise them that a property viewing appointment has been made. Also, reminders are sent to bookers to ensure they do not miss the appointment.

In order to use this software, the agent basically sets up the property location, instructions, details, and viewing booking slots. They can then share the property link in their adverts and interested parties can use the link to book their viewing. 

Notifications are sent to the agent each time a slot is booked, which enables them to keep track of when they have viewings booked in.

How Do They Use PropTech?

Naturally, given the fact that this is software and is based entirely online, PropTech is extremely important. This is a solution that taps into digital technology and the rising use of online tech by agents in order to provide a valuable tool. 

Viewing Booker Reviews

There are various testimonials on the Viewing Booker website, with many people highlighting the efficiency of the software. Agents can also learn more about user numbers and booking numbers from the stats that are provided on the website. 

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