Utili Review

Utili is a comprehensive software solution catering to the needs of estate agents and lettings agents.

Anyone working in the property sales and lettings industry will know just what a challenge it can be to keep on top of the various tasks and processes. Both sales and lettings procedures can involve a lot of different processes and trying to keep up with all of these can become very time-consuming and difficult for agents. 

Fortunately, there are digital solutions that can help these days, and this includes Utili software.

This is a software solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of both sales and lettings agents. The software can be used on mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops, which makes it a very versatile solution. This makes it easier for agents to continue working no matter where they are, and to deal with a range of different tasks and processes through one convenient online platform. 

What They Offer

This is a software solution that offers access to a range of tools and features. This is what makes it so invaluable to busy sales and letting agents who are keen to streamline tasks and processes. Some of the features include:

  • Sales and letting management capabilities
  • Letting account functionality
  • Property portal access
  • Applicant matching capabilities
  • Document templates
  • Website integration

These are some of the key features that users can look forward to when they use this software solution to various aspects of property management. 

How It Works

This is a software solution that can be used across a range of devices, which makes it a very convenient solution for agents. Not only this, but website integration is simple, and this means that agents can make the most of the software and use it to enhance their own websites and make them far more functional.

The interface is modern and user-friendly, without clutter or confusing jargon to worry about.

Users can therefore make the most of all aspects of the software and can save a lot of time and stress when it comes to dealing with all aspects of the sales and lettings process. 

Agents can view full details of exactly what features and capabilities the software offers on the website, and this makes it easier to determine its suitability. Those interested can also view a demo on the website, and this also makes it much easier to decide whether this is the right software solution. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

Naturally, since Utili is a software solution, the use of PropTech is vital to its functioning. Innovation and technology are both vital to this popular agency software solution, and it enables agents to make the most of digital technology to aid their day to day operations. 

Utili Reviews

There are currently no user reviews of this software online. However, it is easy for prospective clients to learn more through the free demo on the website. In addition, agents can learn more about the software by taking a look at the various social media platforms it operates on. 

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