Reports2Go Review

Reports2Go is a free property inventory software solution that supports the full property report lifecycle.

These days, the work of estate agents, lettings agents, landlords, and other property professionals entails a lot of reporting. This includes reporting in relation to inventories and inspections, both of which form a vital part of the entire process. 

Naturally, most professionals want to be able to enjoy efficiency when it comes to reporting but also wish to save time and reduce problems. This is something that the right inventory software can help with.

Reports2Go provides access to free inventory software that can help property professionals to achieve these goals. Supporting both iOS and Android, this software is more like an app/portal hybrid, and it provides users with access to a range of valuable tools that can help with inventories, inspections, and reporting. It aims to help users to produce accurate, appealing, and detailed reports for check-in, check-out, and interim inspections. 

What They Offer

This software is detailed and comprehensive, enables users to access a range of valuable tools that can be used throughout the full property reporting lifecycle. Some of the benefits it offers include:

  • Inventory reports
  • Check-in inventory
  • Check-out inventory
  • Interim inspection reports
  • Full support
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

In some parts of the UK, there is also an additional service where the professionals from Reports2Go can complete the report on behalf of the user.

How It Works

This software is very simple to use, and the app means that users can capture the details of the property with speed and ease without compromising on efficiency and accuracy. There are four different report types that cover the entire inventory reporting cycle of the property, so users simply have to select the one that they need to use at the time. 

The website also provides samples of each type of report to give an idea of what they are like.

Reports can be created free of charge in text mode, where descriptions are typed in through the integrated predictive keyboard, which utilises the Intelligent Keyboard Engine. There is also an audio mode feature that can be used for those who prefer dictation and self-transcription. Audio samples can also be accessed via the website.

With a slick and detailed website, those interested in this software can learn more with ease. There is a clear description of the services and tools included with the software, making it easier to determine suitability. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

PropTech is very important to Reports2Go, as its entire service is based on software and an online portal. The use of modern tech then allows the provider to offer its valuable platform to property professionals. 

Reports2Go Reviews

There are currently no reviews of Reports2Go online. However, this is a free software solution, which means that property professionals can try it out without incurring any financial penalties. In addition, there is plenty of information available online to help professionals to decide whether it is the right tool for their needs. 

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