Property Academy Review

Property Academy is a leading business improvement and events company within the UK property industry. 

Property Academy was founded by award winning speaker and estate agency coach, Peter Knight. It provides a fantastic resource for estate agencies. Members can access a variety of materials from webinars and training sessions to events. 

You can participate in group training, expert workshops, and even one on one sessions. There are also regular newsletters, tips, and ideas to help you drive your business forward. 

What They Offer

Property Academy is a full resource for professionals in estate and letting agencies. They provide a non-competitive environment to promote learning, including:

  • Weekly E-Newsletters
  • Coaching Tips
  • Video Masterclasses
  • Leadership Groups
  • Seminars
  • Events
  • Bespoke Business Improvement Programs

These are invaluable resources to help grow estate agency businesses. Since the entire Property Academy team is within the industry, the members are perfectly suited to assist with specific problems or general issues. 

How It Works

Membership to the Property Academy offers a variety of benefits. These include visits to different businesses each year to learn from others within the industry, workshops conducted by the most respected coaches and practitioners in the country, masterclasses, and access to materials such as step by step guides and workbooks. 

You can also participate in the “All Members Day”, where you can get together with trusted advisors and highly successful industry leaders to discuss opportunities, challenges, ideas, and benefit from their experiences.

Property Academy offers a variety of training for various aspects of estate agencies. There is leadership group coaching that aims to help you overcome your challenges and offer a blueprint to achieve a more successful future. These meetings are typically held at your place of business, but they are possible via webinar. 

Property Academy conducts surveys on Home Moving Trends, Landlords, and Tenants. The team ask landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers about their experiences and use this information to understand the drivers of consumer activity to track the changes in customer satisfaction levels and expectations. 

 Property Academy offers sessions with expert speakers in the form of hour long webinars. There are also group meetings that focus on specific issues and collaboration, and small group coaching to ensure that you maximise opportunities and get your business into better shape. 

However, new members can also receive a one on one consultation with Peter Knight. 

In addition to all of these meetings and groups, there are tutorials, tips, ideas, and practical lessons to provide ongoing training and support.

How Do They Use PropTech?

Property Academy uses PropTech in virtually all aspects of its operation. From the weekly e-newsletter to video masterclasses, the technology is an integral part of the services on offer. 

There are also webinars, so you can benefit from the experience of industry experts from a remote location. All of these features highlight the importance of technology to Property Academy. 

Property Academy Reviews

Property Academy has a full five-star rating on Google Reviews. This is based on 16 reviews, but all praise the knowledge base and invaluable resources offered. 

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