Offr Review

Offr helps estate agents to make their websites more functional and reduce the sales process by up to 50 percent.

When it comes to selling properties, there are many tasks that take up a huge amount of estate agents’ time. The selling process can be a complex and confusing one, and a lot of the time involved is often wasted. 

Fortunately, in today’s digital age, there are solutions that can help with this and can help to save estate agents time as well as boosting business.

Offr is one such solution, and it works by making estate agents’ websites far more functional. In fact, with this software, estate agents can turn their websites into fully transactional ones where interested parties can do everything from place private bids and arrange viewings to upload documents and even sign contracts. 

This helps to streamline the process significantly, benefiting both the estate agent and the buyer. 

What They Offer

The innovative Offr software is very functional and offers a range of tools and benefits that can help estate agents to save time and boost business. Some of the offerings include:

  • Transactional capabilities for estate agents’ websites
  • Range of features to help buyers
  • Collaborative platform for streamlining
  • Online explainer video
  • Choice of plans for estate agents
  • Comprehensive customer support

There are many tools and features that users can look forward to in addition to these benefits, making this a valuable software solution for estate agents. 

How It Works

This software solution boasts simplicity and ease, and it can make a big difference in the sales process for estate agents. It also means that agents can impress potential buyers by providing them with the capability to do everything digitally. 

In addition, it means that collaboration between different parties can all be carried out online via the platform.

The process is very simple, and basically, the software solution transforms the agent’s website into a transactional one rather than just an informational one. This then saves all parties time and effort when it comes to the property selling and buying process. 

It also streamlines the whole process, which makes it far more manageable and less chaotic.

Estate agents can browse the different plans available and choose one based on their needs. There is also a comprehensive explainer video on the site, and this enables interested parties to make an informed decision with regard to whether this is the right software for their needs. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As Offr is a software solution, PropTech is obviously extremely important to its functioning. It uses modern technology to provide estate agents with a crucial tool that can help to boost business and save time. It also uses technology to help buyers and speed up the process.

Offr Reviews

Offr has a range of reviews available online and appears to have a very good rating. In fact, on Google Reviews, Offr has an unbeatable rating of 5/5 from users, which gives an indication of its effectiveness and usability. 

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