Mio Review

An established sales progression platform, mio caters to the needs of buyers, sellers, and estate agents to aid the moving process.

In today’s digital age, many property transactions take place online. Buyers, sellers, and estate agents these days all rely on online technology and platforms to move forward to property sales and purchases. 

However, the whole process can become stressful for all parties because the home buying and selling process can be so involved.

Established over two decades ago, mio is a platform that is designed to aid properly sales progression, and this means that it can prove beneficial to buyers, sellers, and estate agents. It offers a range of tools and services that are designed to streamline property sales and make management of the home buying process far easier. 

What They Offer

This property sales progression platform has plenty to offer, and the services are tailored to meet the needs of buyers, sellers, and estate agents. Some of the tools and services they offer include:

  • Sales progression software
  • Award-winning consumer app
  • Reduction in fall-through rates
  • Daily notifications of activities
  • Around the clock monitoring on property transactions
  • Online blog

The tools and resources are designed to offer estate agents a wide range of benefits while making the buying and selling process far easier for property owners and buyers. 

How It Works

Both estate agents and buyers/sellers should find that the process is very simple and straightforward. Visitors to the site can find the appropriate section with ease, as there are separate tabs for estate agents and buyers/sellers.

Clicking on the relevant tab then bring up services and tools that are available to suit the needs of the website visitors. For estate agents, the sales progression process is clearly explained, and agents will be able to see just how the platform and sales progression tools will be able to help. 

There is detailed information on mio features including shared viewing, milestone updates, instant messaging, centralised information, data feeds, and push notifications.

Buyers and sellers can look at ways in which mio can help them through the appropriate tab on the website. This includes information on the visibility of transactions, flexibility and around the clock access to information, in-app messaging with the estate agent, and regular updates. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

Naturally, since mio is an online platform, there is a strong focus on PropTech. The platform relies on PropTech to provide its tools and services to estate agents, property buyers, and sellers. Through the use of these online tools and services, the platform is able to help make the process easier for all concerned. 

mio Reviews

While there are no online reviews available, visitors to the mio website can access a range of testimonials on the site. There are also lots of case studies relating to other estate agents that the platform has helped, which can prove invaluable for estate agents who are considering using the service. The platform is backed by estate agent giant Connells. 

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