Kaptur Review

Kaptur combines an app and portal for letting agents looking to increase efficiency and accuracy when it comes to property reporting.

Property reporting is a big part of the lettings process for property professionals these days, but often, reporting processes can take up a lot of time. There are also problems with accuracy, which can lead to issues later on down the line. 

With the right digital software, lettings agents and other property professionals can make the reporting process both easier and more efficient, which means they can save time, inconvenience, and money,

Kaptur Inventory Pro is a combination of an app and portal that has been designed by property professionals for property professionals. It is aimed at making reports more efficient as well as more compliant. It also enables property professionals to benefit from an end-to-end solution that spans the entire reporting lifecycle of the property. 

What They Offer

The Kaptur Inventory Pro software offers a variety of features that can help property professionals to streamline the reporting process and improve efficiency. Some of the features and benefits are:

  • Real-time inventory job lists
  • Automatic report validation
  • Location mapping capabilities
  • Comprehensive report editing suite
  • Imbedded photos 
  • Professional templates

These are just some of the many useful features and tools that users can look forward to when using this software. There is also full support offered as well as training and user workshops. 

How It Works

The Kaptur software and platform has designed to make life easier for lettings agents and other property professionals. There are detailed descriptions of the features that come with the software, which makes it easier for professionals to make an informed choice with regard to suitability. 

One thing that website visitors can do in order to see exactly how the software works is to book at online demo via the website. There is a calendar so that visitors can choose a date and time that suits their needs. 

Those interested in the software will then be able to see how the process works and whether it matched their needs. 

It is also very easy and quick to sign up for a free trial via the website.

There are various options when it comes to plans and pricing, so professionals can quickly determine which of these is right for their needs. There are also useful additions such as video tutorials, extensive user-guides, full support, training and workshop opportunities, and more. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As Kaptur is a combined app and portal for lettings agents and property professionals, the use of PropTech is vital. Modern technology plays a pivotal role in terms of providing professionals with property reporting tools and services that can be used on different platforms. 

Kaptur Reviews

At present, there are no online reviews for Kaptur. However, there are some testimonials on the provider’s own website, so those thinking of signing up for the software can look at these. Kaptur also has a social media presence, so those interested can also look at their social media sites to learn more. 

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