Housevault Review

Housevault has a very clear mission – to help estate agents by automating marketing, increasing instructions and analysing and targeting competitors. 

The company set out on its quest to achieve this several years ago, bringing together a collective of data scientists to revolutionise the UK property market – and Housevault was born.

The team have experience in working for large companies and innovative start-ups, getting to grips with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) along the way. The CEO, Daniel Morgan is something of a technology guru himself and has direct experience related to start-ups, renewable resources, property and technology companies. 

What They Offer:

Tired of the unreliable and expensive products available, Housevault set about creating a product that would make life easier for those in the property industry. Housevault:

  • Uses ML and AI algorithms (built in-house by a dedicated team)
  • Offers a user-friendly product (suitable for small / medium estate agents) 
  • Generates leads and helps agents to target leads with door to door mail
  • Provides powerful data insights and reports to boost expertise
  • Strives to produce more instructions for agencies

It appears that Housevault has plenty of features and that the company has worked hard to come up with a workable solution that can benefit estate agencies. 

How Does It Work?

The Housevault system is designed to allow estate agents to prospect smarter – offering a full and accurate list of properties that are currently on the market. 

Algorithms are used to compile relevant lists and the estate agent can then filter this list by certain factors, including number of weeks the property has been listed, properties that have been reduced in price etc. 

Housevault also provides well-crafted letter templates, and these can be sent direct to prospective customers once attractive leads have been identified.

On top of this, Housevault also allows estate agents to gain access to information on market trends – so they can view what their competitors are up to, gain an overview of regional sales, and develop appraisals. Agencies can also find out more about a particular property of interest (taking a peek at the sales history, price per square foot etc). Housevault offers three different packages to clients:

Starter package: 

  • Access to 10 postcodes
  • Data and insight 
  • AVG lead gen tool 
  • Free to try and free to use. 
  • Professional package:
  • Access to 100 postcodes
  • Data and insight 
  • AVG lead gen tool 
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Free to try 
  • From £299 per month

Enterprise package:

  • Up to 3,000 postcodes
  • Custom package – price on application
  • Data and insight
  • AVM lead gen tool
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Detailed competitor analysis tools
  • Book a demo to try it for free

How Do They Use PropTech? 

Housevault has pointed out its distaste for valuation tools that simply did not work correctly. That’s why they reportedly embraced property technology and created an advanced automation tool that easily converts leads (the platform boasts an impressive 40% conversion rate). 

Housevault Reviews

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any Housevault reviews online to back up the levels of service and satisfaction that company claims. We’d advise you do your own research to see if the company is right for you.

However, it’s worth remembering that not having reviews doesn’t necessarily indicate a poor reputation. In fact, it can sometimes indicate the opposite since unsatisfied customers tend to leave reviews more often than satisfied ones.

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