Home Leads Review

Managing Director of Home Leads, Giovanni Maurizi professes to spending the last several years helping property investors and estate agents generate motivated seller leads. 

Tired of seeing smaller companies struggle in a competitive arena, Giovanni used his technical know-how (gained through years of website and Facebook page building) to help out a friend, launching Home Leads on the back of that successful mission. 

Nowadays Home Leads provides a recognised property lead generation system, formulated to provide targeted leads on autopilot. The business employs a committed team and aims to aid property professionals to grow and develop their business by attracting custom and enhancing revenue.  

What They Offer:

The company appears to have plenty to offer, helping estate and letting agents to:

  • Discover their core audience
  • Craft perfect messages – both generic and personal
  • Entice potential customers
  • Build meaningful relationships with prospective clients
  • Use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to boost website traffic

Home Leads also boasts the impressive accolade of being the number one listing on Google for lead generation for estate agents online. The company emphasise that they want to save customers time and money by offering a high-quality solution that will work for them. 

How It Works

The Home Leads team begin by inviting clients to partake in an initial discussion about the needs of their business. This allows Home Leads to ascertain the target audience and work out not only how to get their attention, but to also offer prospective clients exactly what they are looking for. 

However, the company believe identifying leads is just the beginning, the end goal is simple – to convert leads into custom. 

Following the initial consultation and analysis it’s time for the big launch! Agent Extra typically use Facebook Ads and Instagram to attract and find leads – these popular platforms prove successful time and time again. However, other platforms (such as Tik Tok) can be targeted too, and in the fast-moving world of tech that can only be a plus point. 

The Home Leads funnel system has been formulated to generate leads on demand. Clients simply set an ad budget and can then access as many leads as their business wants or needs. 

Home Leads inform us that they have managed to reduce cost per leads to as little as £2.75 for clients. Of the generated leads, the company state that approximately 5 – 20 % are converted. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

Property technology typically increases efficiency, allows you to streamline your business and enables you to form viable connections with present and future clientele. Home Leads generates leads via social media marketing, securing useful information on potential customers, such as name, phone number, email and home address.

Home Leads Reviews

Home Leads has racked up an impressive stack of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Clients are impressed by the number of leads generated by the buzz of social media, and put that down to the expertise and ability of the Home Leads team. 

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