EAanalytics Review

Founder of EAanalytics, Chris Kyriacou, launched the company to help estate agencies get to grips with revolutionary ways to infiltrate the market. 

A digital marketing expert with more than fifteen years of experience as an estate agent, Chris was confident he could help agencies not only generate new leads, but also convert them into custom.  

EAanalytics are keen to embrace new technology, believing an innovative approach is key in obtaining a larger slice of the market. With so much competition it’s more important than ever for agencies to secure income and new instructions. 

What They Offer:

Chris Kyriacou describes EAanalytics as having a unique selling point – the company has been founded by estate agents for estate agents. This level of expertise and experience can really benefit agencies, especially during such challenging times. 

EAanalytics are experts in identify leads, and the company is well-versed in building funnels to convert these leads into valuable clients. The team do this by helping estates to:

  • Create landing pages to capture leads from websites and social media pages
  • Utilise Facebook Ad Management to promote brand awareness
  • Apply Google AdWords to drive traffic to a website
  • Use Email marketing to develop leads
  • Engage in website optimisation to prompt website visitors to take action 
  • Provide timely messages to increase canvassing conversion rates

It’s fair to say that the EAanalytics team has first-hand experience of overcoming industry hurdles, and draws on this know-how to assist others to succeed. 

How It Works

Lead generation can be a time-consuming business. EAanalytics are committed to demystifying the process and aim to do the legwork for you. This means you can concentrate on securing potential new business rather than go looking for it yourself. 

EAanalytics uses a range of advanced techniques to generate leads. The team relies heavily on utilising social media and paid advertising, such as Facebook Ad Management and Google AdWords, to increase brand awareness and engage potential clients. 

EAanalytics also focus on website conversion, making-over landing pages to ensure they adequately secure leads from estate agency websites and social media pages. Email marketing is utilised too, serving as an effective tool for nurturing leads into loyal clients. 

Finally, we should also mention that the company also produces canvassing letters for estate agents. These expertly written templates are designed to help agencies boost their stock list, opening the door for a whole new group of clients and enhancing canvassing conversion rates. 

How Do They Use PropTech? 

The founder of EAanalytics has publicly stated that he doesn’t feel estate agents are always responsive to embracing new ways of working – such as using iPads to present market appraisals etc. In the current digital climate, that hesitancy to incorporate the use of tech can slow a business down. 

Fortunately, the EAanalytics team are conversant in property technology and are keen to share their proficiency of using social media platforms etc. with their clients. 

EAanalytics Reviews

EAanalytics has impressed clients, with many a glowing review posted about the company and their methods. Testimonials include mentions of Chris himself being a credit to the industry and that he certainly knows his s@$t! High praise indeed!

It appears that EAanalytics has provided insight and the green light to go about things in a different and exciting way. Estate agents are aware that there’s a need for change and want to adopt new and advanced methods, but they know that’s a big step. 

EAanalytics inspires confidence. Customers are pleased about the level of support they have received and satisfied that the innovative approach adopted will win them much-needed business going forward. 

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