Domus Review

Domus is an estate agent software solution with a choice of versions catering to the varying needs of agents.

Many estate agents these days rely on modern technology to get the tools and services they need to aid day to day operations. As we live in a digital age, there are plenty of options available for agents to choose from. There are software solutions that can help with everything from full end-to-end property management to dealing with finances and rent. 

Domus is a software solution that is available in a range of versions to cater to different needs. 

There are three versions of the software, which means that it can cater to everyone from start-up agencies to established estate agencies with a huge client base. There are no long-term contracts with this software, and there are no set up fees to worry about. There is also a free 30-day trial available for those looking to assess its suitability. 

What They Offer

Domus offers a range of services and tools that can benefit estate agencies of all sizes. Some of the services that can be accessed via the website are website design, branding, and insurance services. In addition, the comprehensive software offers a variety of features including:

  • Property marketing
  • Diary and tasks
  • Accounting software
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Application management
  • Applicant information

The variety of tools and features on the app means that estate agents can make the whole process more manageable and streamlined. 

How It Works

This software solution has a huge range of features and tools integrated. However, it has also been designed with ease of use in mind, so estate agents can quickly get to grips with is and can look forward to simplicity as well as efficiency and convenience. 

The tools included in the software can make the work of an estate agent far more manageable, and it can help to save time as well as increase efficiency.

For those who are not sure about whether the software is right for them, there is a 30-day free trial available through the website. This makes it easier for agents to get a feel for what the software offers and make an informed choice with regard to whether it is the right solution for their specific needs. 

Agents can also learn more about each of the three plans available and which of these is best suited to their needs. The comprehensive support available from Domus means that new and potential clients can get any questions or queries resolved quickly. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

PropTech is something that is very important to Domus, as its product is a software solution that relies on digital technology. Thanks to the use of this technology, the software is able to make life much easier for the average estate agent through the provision of valuable tools and services. 

Domus Reviews

You will find a range of testimonials from happy clients on the Domus website. There are no other reviews available online at present. However, the free trial offer does give agents the chance to try before they buy. 

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