Canopy Review

Canopy is a digital platform for agents and renters, and it is designed to revolutionise the world of renting.

When it comes to the world of renting, this can become complicated for both agents and tenants. However, these days, there are plenty of tools designed to help with the smooth running of the process for all involved parties. 

With the help of digital solutions, both agents and tenants can look forward to greater ease and convenience, and the right software solution can help to streamline the process from start to finish.

Among the software solutions and digital platforms available is Canopy, and this is a platform that is designed to revolutionise the rental market. This software can help agents with a range of processes including helping them to close deals with speed and efficiency. It can also help tenants in many ways, such as helping them to save money on bills and services.

What They Offer

At Canopy, both agents and tenants can benefit from access to a variety of valuable services that can save time, hassle, and inconvenience. Among the benefits and features that can be accessed via the platform are:

  • RentPassport to pre-qualify tenants
  • Access to a range of financial products for tenants
  • RentTracking to help improve credit scores
  • Insurance cover options for agents
  • Speedy tenant referencing
  • A suite of services for tenants

With this wide range of services and features, all parties involved in the rental process can benefit. The features are also very simple to use, and this makes it a very convenient solution for those who want to benefit from greater ease and simplicity.

How It Works

With so much to offer, there is a lot of go through on the Canopy website. However, all information is set out in a simple and easy to understand way. There are separate sections for agents and tenants, so all users can easily access the information and services that are most relevant to them. 

There are also various resources available via the website including a useful blog and videos to help those using the site.

In addition to providing plenty of information, the site offers a free demo so that both agents and tenants can quickly see how they can benefit from using the platform. This then makes it easier to determine the suitability of the platform and how easy it is to use. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As a digital platform, Canopy relies on PropTech to make its services and features available to tenants and agents. Everything is digitalized, and this means that modern technology is crucial to the operation of the platform. 

Canopy Reviews

This platform has average reviews online, with an overall rating of 3.1/4 on Trustpilot. While there are mixed reviews about the service, some have made positive comments about the level of customer service and the level of support they have received. The provider is also active on social media platforms, where those thinking about using the platform can find out more.

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