Agent Prospects Review

A trading name of a company called Cloud Centric Ltd. Agent Prospects describes itself as the ultimate instruction generation tool for estate agents. 

The company acknowledges that estate agents are operating under challenging circumstances, and competition can be fierce. 

Agent Prospects wants to help estate agents to gain a larger market share by targeting key localities, pinpointing instructions, identifying potential customers and then prospecting by making contact. 

This process is will ease the burden on beleaguered businesses, providing estate agents with the opportunity to focus on securing new business, rather than spending hours trying to track down, confirm and contact prospective leads. 

What They Offer:

Agent Prospects is keen to provide remarkable solutions for estate agents. They achieve this by:

  • Providing the agency with an exclusive postcode district 
  • Identifying unsold instructions currently on the market with competitors
  • Providing addresses of unsold instructions via an uploaded prospect list 
  • Generating and sending well-written prospecting letters to interesting leads

To summarise, Agent Prospects utilise innovative methods combined with savvy marketing techniques to present technological resolutions.

How It Works

Agent Prospects adopt an innovative approach. The company gathers intelligent data and uses this to provide useful insight to agencies. Clients begin by claiming an exclusive postcode.  Agent Prospects allows only one agent per postcode district, so clients are encouraged to claim their postcode before any competitors beat them to it. 

Estate agencies can check postcode availability online, and will need to pay a £100 one-off account set up fee to get the ball rolling.

There are three different packages to choose from, each incorporates:

  • Area exclusivity
  • 76p per letter (data, print & post)
  • Full address verification
  • Automated mailings 

Agent Prospect offers five professionally written prospecting letters and agencies can request changes to the text. There’s also a design team on hand to generate bespoke artwork and branding as required.

Prices vary depending on which package the agency selects. Lower priced property (up to £500,000) can be secured for £49 per month + VAT per postcode, and higher priced property (above £500,000) can also be secured for £49 per month + VAT per postcode. Agencies can secure all properties (higher and lower priced) in a postcode district for a fee of £79 per month + VAT. 

The Agent Prospects team then identifies the instructions in that postcode district (this is done on monthly), compiling a list of property addresses. 

The list is filtered to remove properties that have been sold, withdrawn from sale or are under offer, before it is uploaded to the online account of the relevant estate agency. 

Agencies can then select the properties they are interested in, and Agent Prospects will generate and send a legally-compliant, professional letter (on company headed paper) to those properties. 

How They Use PropTech?

Property technology is used to streamline businesses – increasing productivity, instructions and revenue. Agent Prospects generate automated lists of viable prospects – saving agencies time and money. Templates can then be used to create well-crafted letters efficiently, and these letters are automatically sent in a bid to convert leads into valuable custom. 

Agent Prospects Reviews

Estate agencies have positive things to say about Agent Prospects, typically reporting an increase in market appraisals. 

They appreciate the professional prospecting letters that are sent on their behalf – describing the content as informative and polite, without being overly pushy. 

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