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Reallymoving provides those moving home with a simple way to compare costs on many aspects of their move.

Moving home can be very expensive, as there are so many different costs to take into consideration. This includes costs such as solicitors, surveyors, and removal services, among others. All of this adds up and can put movers under huge financial strain. This is why those who are moving should always look for the best prices for all of these services.

At Reallymoving, this task becomes far easier, as this platform enables movers to compare costs for all of these services. 

This makes it much easier for movers to find the right providers for their needs at competitive rates, which can equate to significant savings. The fact that this can all be done under one virtual roof means increased ease and convenience for movers. 

What They Offer

This platform offers a range of tools and services for movers to use, which can make the process of moving far less stressful and more convenient. Some of the offerings from Reallymoving are:

  • Quotes for conveyancing and surveyors
  • Quotes for removals services
  • Ability to get quotes for international moves
  • Help and advice/resources for movers
  • Moving cost calculator
  • Forum and blog sections

When it comes to getting the best deal on services such as these, movers often have to put in a lot of time and effort to do their research. However, this platform aims to make the process much faster and easier. 

How It Works

With a clear and uncluttered website that is easy to get around, movers should have no problem getting the information they need on the Reallymoving site. The platform has clear sections that deal with different aspects and services linked to moving, so users can find the information they need with speed and ease.

There is a simple search facility that website visitors can use in order to get quotes for specific services. 

In addition, there are tools such as the moving cost calculator which can help to ensure movers stay within budget when it comes to finding the right service providers for their move. 

Additional resources on the site include checklists and moving guides, which can help movers to stay on track with the whole process. Instant quotes are provided for whichever service the user requests, and with a number of quotes being sent through, movers can see which ones offer the best value for money. 

Advantages of Reallymoving

Here are some of the key advantages we’ve discovered or Reallymoving.

Access to Other Services

Reallymoving also provides access to conveyancing, removals, and chartered surveyors.

Prompt Responses

The website is easy to use, and you can request quotes to receive a prompt response. 

Makes it Easy to Compare Providers

By providing some basic information, you can receive multiple quotes, making it easy to compare services and providers. This can save you valuable time when you’re dealing with all the other aspects of planning your home move. 

Disadvantages of Reallymoving

As with any service, there are some potential downsides. 

Tailored Quotes Could be More

Some users have reported that the initial quotes were a little lower than the tailored quotes received after contact from the companies. However, these comments were followed up by positive feedback that even these higher quotes were still very competitive. 

Dating-Sharing Issues

Some users have commented that after asking for quotes, they were inundated with calls, texts, email, and other spam. 

Not Always Local Partners

Reallymoving partners with companies around the country, so you may be contacted by companies that are not in your local area. 

The History

Reallymoving has been around since 1999. The founders, Rob and Rosie, were frustrated by the hassle of trying to find professional help at reasonable prices for their home move. They established Reallymoving as a comparison site that began in their own home. Within two years, the company had premises in St Albans. 

The company weathered the 2008 recession and went from strength to strength. In the following years, Reallymoving won awards. The team expanded the website to include cost calculators and other tools, including guides, forecasts, Q&As, and saving tips. 

In 2017, Reallymoving purchased The Law Superstore. This legal comparison site added easier and quicker ways to find solicitors for legal services in addition to conveyancing.

This complemented the other tools for finding surveyors, removals companies, and other professional services. The Law Superstore allows you to choose a solicitor for any purpose, whether you need help transferring equity or you need a divorce solicitor, providing quick quotes from regulated local firms around the country. 

Today, Reallymoving is a privately financed, independent company that is majority owned by its directors and management. In the last year, the company generated over a million quotes for its network of UK partners. This represents £190 million of work and adds up to approximately 9 percent of the home mover quotes in the UK. 

The company offers instant quotes for surveys, conveyancing, home reports, Energy Performance Certificates, and removals. This has led to Reallymoving becoming the UK’s leading provider for home moving services. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

PropTech is vital to the operation of this platform, as everything is done online through the use of modern digital technology. This is an online platform where movers can benefit from instant information and quotes, all of which rely on the use of efficient PropTech. 

Reallymoving Reviews

There are thousands of reviews of Reallymoving at, and the rating is very impressive. From the thousands of reviews, the platform has received a rating of nearly 4.5/5, with close to 90 percent of users recommending the service. 

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