LetFair Review

LetFair provides a valuable software solution to landlords to assist them with end-to-end property management.

Many landlords find themselves inundated with tasks, paperwork, and jobs relating to property management. While renting out properties is a great investment, a lot of time and effort ends up going into the management side of things. 

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help landlords to avoid this, and this includes the software solution offered by LetFair.

With this software solution for landlords, property management becomes far easier and more time-efficient. The software enables landlords to deal with end-to-end property management and offers a range of tools and services to help achieve this. 

In addition, it helps with all aspects of property management including late rents, and it even enables tenants to do things such as log repair requests. 

What They Offer

As an end-to-end software solution, LetFair has a lot to offer in terms of capabilities and tools. Some of the services and benefits that this software provides includes:

  • End-to-end property management solution
  • Capacity for tenants to log repairs
  • A range of plans to suit different needs
  • Comprehensive blog
  • Legislative updates to keep landlords informed
  • Pro-tailored advice

The features and tools that are built into this software solution make it easier for landlords to manage all aspects of their properties. It also saves a lot of time and hassle, making the entire process far more manageable. 

How It Works

This is an end-to-end software solution, and this means that it simplifies the whole property management process with just a single comprehensive software solution. The software has been designed to be very simple to operate, and this means that landlords can improve efficiency and streamline processes with far greater ease.

There are three plans available, one of which is a basic free one. This makes it easy for those interested to test out the software and get a feel for what it is like and how it might help them.

There are then another two plans with monthly costs, so landlords can take a look at what each one offers to determine which is the right plan for them.

All aspects of property management can be dealt with via the software. This includes storing documents, chasing late rent payments, arranging inspections, and searching for contractors. In addition, tenants are able to report repairs and upload images of repairs required, and landlords are notified via the software once this happens. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As a software solution, LetFair relies heavily on PropTech. The whole concept is centred around technology and digital property management, which is what makes the process so much easier for landlords. Thanks to the use of modern technology, LetFair is able to provide this convenient all-in-one solution. 

LetFair Reviews

While there are currently no online reviews from landlords about LetFair, it is possible to try out the service with the free plan. This gives landlords a better idea of what to expect, and it enables them to make a more informed choice. 

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