Cupl Review

The cupl is a sensor that measures the temperature and humidity levels in a rented property, which can then be checked simply with a phone.

The ideal humidity level in a residential property is between 40% and 60%. Higher levels can lead to condensation, damp and mould growth. This is not only bad for the health of the tenants, but can also lead to problems with the property. And fixing these problems could cost a lot, especially if the issue has not been detected for a while.

Equally, if the humidity level is too low, it can cause health problems for the tenants. If it falls below 30%, anyone living in the home could get dry skin and nasal passages. This can lead to respiratory illnesses. So, it is very important to keep the humidity levels in a residential property at a good level.

The cupl NFC Temperature And Humidity Sensor can help to monitor the humidity levels and provide the data to the tenants as well as the management agency. This will allow everyone to act if there is an issue. Any issues that are caught early are not only easier to rectify, but it will also cost less money to fix them.

At £21, the cupl sensor is also very competitively priced. Especially, if it can help prevent high maintenance costs. 

What They Offer

The cupl NFC Temperature and Humidity Sensor has some very useful features that can help tenants and property managers to keep the property and tenants healthy. These include:

  • Accurate temperature and humidity level readings at any time
  • Access to the data just with a phone (needs to be NFC-enabled)
  • Easy set-up with no installation of an app necessary
  • Ability to get notifications of faults
  • Long battery life

How It Works

The cupl sensor is installed at the residential property. It will then start measuring the temperature and humidity every 10 minutes. However, the measuring intervals can be adjusted if needed. It is also possible to just store temperature measurements.

When the tenant or property manager wants to know the temperature and humidity level of the property, they can use their mobile phone to read the sensor. There is no need to install an app, all that is needed is an NFC-enabled mobile. The mobile will then automatically open the web application in the web browser.

A short demonstration video is available on their website, where you can see how the data is presented.

The data is presented in a user-friendly way and can be retrieved daily, weekly or monthly. A nice graph will help to visualise the data and make it easily understandable. 

Through the cuplbackend service, the data is held in encoded form, which means it can be accessed at any time. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

The cupl sensor can be read with an NFC-enabled mobile, so PropTech plays an important part in this product. It enables landlords and property managers to manage their properties with ease.

Cupl NFC Temperature And Humidity Sensor Reviews

Because the product has only just launched, there aren’t many cupl NFC Temperature and Humidity Sensor reviews. But as the product becomes established, reviews from customers will become available.

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