Zoopla Review

Zoopla is a hugely popular UK property portal catering to a wide variety of needs.

Over recent years, Zoopla has become a very popular property portal in the UK and is used by many people on a regular basis. Thanks to the wide range of services offered, it caters to estate agents and letting agents, landlords and renters, and property buyers and sellers. 

In addition to dealing with UK residential properties, it also provides access to commercial properties and overseas properties. 

The popularity of this portal means that there are always plenty of properties available to rent or buy. In addition, properties are available nationwide, which means that people across the country can benefit from using Zoopla. The site also offers extras such as property guides and property news among other things.

What They Offer

Zoopla offers a wide range of services catering to a variety of needs. In addition, it offers a host of resources for anyone interested in or working in the property industry. Some of the services the portal offers include:

  • Properties for sale and rent
  • Registration for tenants and buyers
  • Access to property guides
  • The latest property news
  • Overseas properties
  • Commercial properties

How It Works

The Zoopla site is very simple to use. Many estate and lettings agents use it to advertise properties that are for sale or rent, so there is no shortage of properties on there. For those who need an agent to sell or let their property, there is a facility on the site that enables them to search for a suitable agent.

For those who are looking to rent or buy a property, there is a simple search facility that allows you to enter the postcode or area. Users can also enter what type of property they want, the maximum price, and whether they want to rent or buy a property.

The property listings come with detailed descriptions and images, although these are provided by the estate and lettings agents and not by Zoopla. So, there are times when there may not be as much detail as one would hope, or the number of images may be limited. 

However, each listing is linked to the relevant agent, so interested parties can contact the agent directly via the Zoopla website or can call them on the provided phone number if preferred. 

How Do They Use PropTech

As an online property portal, effective PropTech is vital for Zoopla to offer the services it does. This is an online portal, which means that it relies on internet technology to advertise properties, register buyers and renters, and provide information and other services. 

Zoopla Reviews

Zoopla reviews do vary quite widely from one review site to another. On some sites, it has quite low ratings while on others it has 4/5 stars. There are hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot, and on this site, it has 3/5 stars. So, in terms of consumer opinions, it averages around 2.5/5 taking all reviews into consideration. 

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