The EPC Man Review

The EPC Man is a network of local professionals providing EPC services to homeowners, landlords, and property professionals.

Getting an Energy Performance Certificate is now a legal requirement for property sellers, landlords looking to rent properties out, and property developers. However, finding the right person for the job is not always easy. 

This type of inspection needs to be carried out by an accredited professional, and those looking for an EPC need to find someone affordable, available, and reliable.

By providing access to a network of fully accredited and experience EPC professionals, The EPC Man helps to make life easier for those that need to have this type of inspection carried out. This is a national network and is a National Landlords Association Recognised EPC Supplier. Those that require an EPC can find professionals from around the country to carry out the inspection and issue the necessary certificate. 

What They Offer

At The EPC Man, property professionals, homeowners, and landlords can access the services of EPC experts from around the country. There are also other services that can be accessed through this portal, and this includes:

  • Electrical Safety Certificates
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Residential EPCs
  • Commercial EPCs

The whole purpose of this portal is to make it easier for people to find a fully qualified and accredited professional to carry out these vital checks. This then ensures adherence to property laws as well as enhancing safety and peace of mind. 

How It Works

The EPC Man portal has been designed to provide users with ease of use and convenience. As it is a national portal, it can be used by people across the country. The site has a list of counties from across the UK, and users simply have to click on the relevant county in order to access the details of the nearest EPC provider. 

This portal does not take any commission or ask for an upfront payment from users, which is added peace of mind.

All prices are set by the EPC providers that are part of the panel of providers. This then gives users the chance to compare and shop around for the best deals when it comes to the cost of the services. 

Once contact has been made with a suitable provider, the EPC survey is arranged, and a certificate produced within 48 hours of the survey. This can then be sent digitally to the user and other professionals such as agents or solicitors. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

The EPC Man is an online portal designed to make it easier for users to find a suitable and affordable EPC provider. PropTech is, therefore, very important in order for the provider to offer its online portal and service. 

The EPC Man Reviews

There are some very impressive reviews of The EPC Man online, so users can benefit from reassurance when using the portal. On FreeIndex, the portal has a rating of 5/5 and comes highly recommended. It also has a rating of 4.3/5 on Trustpilot. 

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