SDL Auctions Review

SDL Auctions is an award-winning national property auction network in the UK.

An award-winning national property auction network, SDL Auctions caters to the needs of both buyers and sellers in the UK. It offers a range of services and tools to help make it easier for people to buy or sell property through auctions. The company has gone on to become one of the largest property auction websites in the UK and was established in 2016.

The company hosts a range of live event auctions across the country each year, and it also offers plenty of online facilities. 

People interested in auction properties can view current properties and historical information on the website. There are also tools such as search facilities to help people to find the right property. Other services include free valuations and appraisals.

What They Offer

SDL Auctions offers a variety of services, tools, and features for those who are interested in auction property. Some of these include:

  • Dealing with residential properties
  • Providing access to commercial properties
  • Free valuations and appraisals
  • Useful property search facility
  • In-person and online auctions
  • Professional and honest advice

The various services that are offered by the provider are designed to help those who want to either sell or buy property at auction. 

How It Works

The way in which the process works is simple, and there are different processes to follow based on whether it involved selling or buying a property at auction. The range of services that are offered by the provider makes it easier for those who are interested in auction properties. 

The website has clearly laid out categories to help website visitors locate the service they are interested in.

For those looking to buy auction property, there are various services that can be accessed. This includes remote bidding, auction finance, and commercial lots. There is also an online search facility that can help buyers to learn more about the properties that are going up for auction. 

Those looking to sell at auction can also access a range of services via the website. This includes getting advice from experts with regard to the suitability of auction sales, appraisals and valuations, and the ability to get the cash for their property in 28 days. 

There is a live chat facility on the site, which means that those who are interested in any of the services can get in touch with their queries.

How Do They Use PropTech?

Although SDL Auctions is involved in in-person auctions, it also deals with online auctions and offers a range of online services. This means that PropTech is very important to this provider and plays a pivotal role in its ability to provide many of its services. 

SDL Auctions Reviews

SDL Auctions has a range of reviews online for interested parties to view for peace of mind. On Trustpilot, the company has a very good rating as 4.4/5. Reviewers commented on various aspects of the service including the friendly team and their professionalism and efficiency. 

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