Emoov Review

Emoov is an online estate agent that offers a range of services for homeowners looking to sell their property.

Selling a property can be a stressful and daunting process but having the right estate agent on hand can really help. There are many estate agents to choose from these days, and sellers can now also opt for online estate agents. In today’s digital age, this is what many decide to do, and one of the agents that can help is emoov. 

Offering a range of services, emoov focuses on providing a variety of flexible services to sellers. 

The online estate agent also makes it easier for buyers to browse properties for sale and access a range of tools and resources to help them to make the right property purchase. This online agency aims to make things as simple as possible for those who are looking to sell their home. 

What They Offer

With the emoov online estate agency, sellers can access a range of services and tools to make the process of selling their home far easier and less stressful. Some of the things they offer are:

  • Free valuations
  • Advertising the property on different platforms
  • A choice of plans
  • Guides and information
  • A portal for buyers looking for a property
  • Management of completion process

These services help to ensure that sellers have expert assistance every step of the way when selling their home. 

How It Works

Sellers will find this online estate agency very simple to use, and everything is explained on the site step by step. The good thing is that the agency can help from the first step, which is the valuation, right through to the end stage, which is completion. So, sellers can harness all necessary services under one virtual roof.

The first stage is where the seller arranges a valuation on the property, and at this stage, the agent will go through the whole process. 

Once this has been done, sellers can choose the split-fee package. The estate agent can then be instructed to move forward with the process.

The agency then arranges for professional photos and descriptions of the property before advertising the property on various key platforms. The agency also schedules viewings, gathers feedback, and negotiates the best price. 

Advantages of Emoov

Here are some of the key advantages we’ve discovered about Emoov.

Split-Fee Model

Emoov offers a pricing model that combines a low upfront fee with an additional payment on completion to help spread the risk. This also allows for greater flexibility, particularly for those who may rely on the proceeds of the sale to cover costs.

Comprehensive Package

The Emoov package contains lots of benefits that are normally add ons with other service providers. This is often a tool used by online companies; drawing clients in with a low base price and then charging a higher rate for add ons. The Emoov packages contain many of the typical add ons, so you won’t need to factor in additional costs. 

High Level of Service

In addition to email support and a helpline, you can also oversee your property sale 24/7 through a personalised dashboard. You can make changes at any time, and they will be actioned as soon as the team confirms them. 

Disadvantages of Emoov

As with any platform or service, there are some potential disadvantages of Emoov.

Self Viewing

The Emoov packages do not include conducted viewings, so you will need to be prepared to handle the viewings yourself. There are online companies that offer premium packages that include viewings, but you’re likely to pay a premium price for this service. 

Phone Valuations

Emoov does not offer in person valuations. Rather the company provides valuations over the phone. These are based on local sales data, and while this may be comprehensive, they may lack the accuracy of an in person valuation. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As an online estate agent, the use of PropTech is very important for emoov. Technology plays a major role in every aspect of operations, which means that the agency is reliant on modern technology. With the use of modern tech, it can help property owners to sell their homes more easily and quickly. 

Emoov Reviews

When it comes to reviews, there are plenty of testimonials on the emoov website for sellers to look at. In addition, the company has a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot from thousands of reviewers who have used their services. Some have used the agency multiple times to sell properties and have been very satisfied with the service and outcome. 

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