COmplete EPC Review

COmplete EPC provides a professional energy consultancy service to landlords, homeowners, and developers, dealing with both residential and commercial properties.

When it comes to selling or renting out a home, it is vital to ensure the right processes have been followed in line with legal requirements. This includes making sure an inspection has been carried out for the issue of an Energy Performance Certificate. 

These EPCs are necessary for those who plan to sell their homes, for landlords renting out properties, and for developers building new properties. They are also necessary for both residential and commercial premises. 

In order to comply with the law, it is important that the EPC is issued by a properly trained, qualified, and accredited professional. COmplete EPC provides professional energy consultancy services and can carry out inspections in order to provide EPCs to homeowners, landlords, and developers. 

The provider deals with both residential and commercial properties and covers the whole of London.

What They Offer

As part of the consultancy service, COmplete EPC offers access to a range of services relating to properties. Some of the services that can be accessed from this provider include:

  • SAP calculations and assessments
  • Residential EPCs
  • Commercial EPCs
  • Water Efficiency Calculations
  • PAT Testing
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report

The wide range of services is delivered by fully trained and accredited professionals. Those interested in the services can get a quote by completing the online form or by calling the provider for further information. 

How It Works

Those who are looking for EPC and other services for properties will have no problem using the service. The whole process is very straightforward, and there are plenty of details relating to the services offered on the website. 

Property owners, landlords, and developers can browse the range of services to determine which of these they need for their properties.

It is simple to get a quote for the services required, as there is a dedicated form that can be completed via the website. Those who prefer to speak to someone can simply call the provider to get further details about the services and for a quote. 

There is a price guide available on the website too, and this gives users more details about costs for various services. 

In addition to accessing services, website visitors can also access a range of tips and guides relating to energy bills and usage. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

While the inspections carried out by COmplete EPC are done in person, information and obtaining quotes is all done via the website. This means that PropTech is important to this provider. Generating EPCs and sending reports can also be done online, and this means that the provider can use modern tech to provide users with greater convenience and ease. 

COmplete EPC Reviews

This provider has a range of very good reviews online from others who have used the services. On Google Reviews, it has a very impressive rating of 4.8/5 from satisfied users. On Trustpilot, the provider has a rating of 4/5. 

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