Auction House Review

Auction House is a successful residential and commercial property auction company catering to buyers and sellers.

For many property buyers and sellers, using property auction services is a natural choice and this can be for a range of reasons. For sellers, it means a faster and more efficient sale with a lot less hassle and lower fees involved. 

For buyers, it means the ability to pick up a bargain property that just would not be available on the open market. 

Auction House is a residential and commercial property auction company that caters to the needs of both buyers and sellers. It deals with auction rooms and online auctions, which means that it can provide clients with a diverse array of auction services to suit their specific needs. The company also has a proven track record and high success levels. It can operate on a local, regional, and national level. 

What They Offer

Auction House offers a range of auction-related services to help buyers and sellers who want to go down the property auction route. Some of the service and benefits that are available through this provider are:

  • Simple registration for property notifications
  • Auction property search facility
  • Free valuation service
  • Details of local auction rooms
  • Online auction services
  • Auction results information

The information can be easily found on the provider website, which makes things easier for sellers and buyers who are interested in auction property. 

How It Works

There is a lot of information about the services offered on the provider website, so those interested in property auctions can find the various information they need. 

The search facility for auction properties makes the process easy for those who are interested in purchase a property at auction, and it means that interested buyers can take a look at the variety of properties due to come up for auction.

Website visitors will find clearly labelled sections and categories on the site which makes it easier to find the information necessary.

This includes sections about auction rooms, online auctions, and up and coming auctions, which makes it easier to plan ahead. There is also a useful section on auction results, so website visitors can look at historical information. 

Other services and information can also be easily accessed on the website, and this includes the ability to book a free valuation. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

PropTech is vital to this provider for many reasons, not least because they deal with online auctions as well as auction events. Much of the process is conducted online, which makes PropTech and online technology vital to the overall operation of Auction House. 

Auction House Reviews

While this provider does offer a range of services and has lots of experience, the reviews online are very mixed. For example, on Trustpilot, it has a rating of 2.5/5, which is not great. However, this is only from a handful of people. Around a quarter of the reviews left did rate the service as excellent, but the other reviews were not so good. 

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