AskHomey Review

AskHomey is an app that is designed to help homeowners, tenants, and landlords to stay on top of household bills, spending, and repairs.

Anyone that runs a home can experience issues when it comes to controlling household spending, dealing with bills, keeping on top of repairs, and managing the home. 

This not only refers to homeowners but also to tenants and even landlords, all of whom may find themselves having to deal with a range of finances as part of managing their homes.

Having the right tools to hand can really help, and in today’s digital age, there are apps such as AskHomey that can prove invaluable. This is an app that can help people to manage various aspects of their homes and finances with far greater ease and efficiency, and this includes everything from repairs to financial management and bills. 

What They Offer

Those who decide to use the AskHomey app can look forward to a variety of benefits, and they can also access a range of features. Some of these are:

  • Digital storage of all documents relating to the home
  • Bill reminders to avoid missed/late payments and penalties
  • Providing important information such as the value of contents of boiler servicing information
  • Updates on all bill payments and balances
  • Ability to switch to better deals and save money
  • Convenient, simple to use platform

The range of features that the AskHomey app provides can make life far easier and more convenient for anyone involved in dealing with household finances, bills, and repairs among other things. 

How It Works

By downloading the app, users can look forward to a simple interface and an app that is very easy and convenient to use. It can be used by homeowners and renters, new home builders, landlords and letting agents, estate agents, councils and social landlords, and trades and services. 

The website offers plenty of information with regard to exactly what the app offers and how it can help users. Those interested can therefore go to the relevant section and then click on the learn more tab to find out what the app can do for them. 

In addition, website visitors can submit their details online to get more information on what AskHomey can do for them.

The whole aim of the app is to take all the stress and inconvenience of dealing with managing a home, and it also helps users to save a huge amount of time. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

This is an app that can be used online and via mobile devices, and this means that PropTech is vital to its operation. By using digital technology, it can provide huge numbers of people with a simple and manageable way to deal with household finances and bills among other things. 

AskHomey Reviews

There are presently no online reviews of AskHomey from consumers or businesses. However, there is a Facebook page, which means that those who are interested in finding out more and seeing comments from others can use social media platforms to do this.

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