Visual Floor Planner Review

Visual Floor Planner is software designed for estate agents to create detailed floor plans.

There are many digital tools and solutions that can help estate agents and other people in the property industry these days. Our move into the digital age means that online tools have become all the more important, and these tools can help to make life far easier for those who work in the estate agency business.

Visual Floor Planner has created software that is designed to help estate agents to create detailed floor plans with great results. 

The software has been created with the help of UK estate agents, which means that it has been designed with professionals within the industry. The software has also been designed to be easy to use, so estate agents can look forward to speedy and high-quality results. 

What They Offer

Visual Floor Planner has created software that can make life far easier for estate agents when it comes to creating floor plans. Some of the benefits and services it offers include:

  • Easy to use software
  • Demo for more information
  • Free trial to assess suitability
  • Templates and floor plan samples
  • Range of pricing options
  • Support and helpdesk

With the services offered by the provider, estate agents can ensure they have the perfect software and plan and can get support whenever they need it. 

How It Works

This is a service that is very simple to use, and everything estate agents need to know can be found on the slick and informative website. 

Being able to see a demo of the software along with sample floor plans can help estate agents to determine whether this is the right provider and software for their needs. In addition, the ability to get a free trial of the software makes it easier for estate agents to determine suitability.

There are various plans that website visitors can choose from based on their needs.

This includes the Personal account, the Team account, and the Office account. This means there is something to cater to all needs. The website provides full details of what is included and what the benefits of each of the plans are.

There is also online support and chat, which means that those interested in the software and service can ask any questions and get responses right away. This means that website visitors can gain total clarity before making their decision. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

The provider has created software for the use of estate agents and other professionals, and this involves the use of modern technology. So, PropTech is vital to Visual Floor Planner, not just in terms of creating and using the software but also to provide the additional services it offers.

Visual Floor Planner Reviews

There are various online reviews for Visual Floor Planner that can be viewed before making a decision. On Softpedia, the software and provider has notched up a review of 3.5/5 stars from a handful of reviewers who have used the software. 

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