Viewing Video Review

Viewing Video aims to help estate agents to attract more sellers, get more viewings, and improve sales and lettings figures by providing professional virtual viewings and tours.

It can be tough for estate and lettings agents to compete effectively in today’s overcrowded property market. In a digital age, sellers, buyers, landlords, and renters have more choice than ever with regard to the agency they use for their property. 

This is why most agents are keen to do whatever they can to boost instruction numbers, increase viewings, and improve success when it comes to selling and renting out properties

One of the ways in which many can achieve this in today’s high-tech world is by providing access to virtual property tours and viewings. Viewing Video enables agents to quickly and easily attract sellers and market their properties with the use of professional videos. It can also be used by other property professionals such as developers.

What They Offer

Viewing Video offers very professional property videos that can benefit agents in a variety of ways. This includes helping them to market and showcase their properties, boosting business success, and saving time, among other things. Some of the features and benefits are:

  • Videos with voiceovers available
  • Captions and photos
  • Can be easily embedded 
  • Pay as you go structure
  • Introduction available on the website
  • Simple signum process

The pay as you go structure means that agents can simply pay for what they need rather than having to pay a set amount each month. This can be cost-effective, particularly for smaller estate and lettings agencies that may only need a handful of videos. 

How It Works

The process for getting started with Viewing Video is very simple, and everything is explained clearly on the website. There is an introduction video for potential users to watch on the site, and this explains how the process works. There are also samples of the video options available so agents can decide which option is right for them.

Signing up is quick and simple, and the whole process can be sorted out online by completing the form on the website.

This also gives agents the opportunity to decide how many videos they want to start off with. As this is a pay as you go service, agents will only pay for what they need rather than paying the same amount regardless of how many videos they want. 

There is a useful FAQ section on the website as well, and this can help agents to learn more about the service and how it can benefit them. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

Of course, PropTech is very important to this provider, as the service it provides is all based around digital access to properties. It uses modern technology to allow people to effectively view and tour properties they may be interested in from the comfort of their own homes. 

Viewing Video Reviews

While there are no online reviews of Viewing Video online at present, there is a Facebook page that potential users can visit in order to learn more about the service.

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