Veri-Check Review

The Veri-Check platform provides lettings agencies with access to speedy and efficient tenancy reference and property management services.

Many lettings agencies find it difficult to stay in control of the entire lettings process from start to finish, and this is because there is so much involved. The process is one that needs to be streamlined and managed with efficiency in order for everything to run smoothly, but when different platforms are used for different things, it can become difficult to maintain control. 

Fortunately, these days there are lots of tools designed to help lettings agencies to streamline these processes.

One tool that can prove very useful to agents is the Veri-Check platform, which is designed to provide speedy and efficient referencing and property management services to agents. The platform can help lettings agents to speed up the process, improve turnaround times, reduce void periods, and gain greater control over the process. 

What They Offer

This online platform has plenty to offer in terms of benefits and features, and this enables lettings agents to save time, improve efficiency, and maximize rental income. Among the features offered by the platform are:

  • Tenancy referencing platform
  • Property management services
  • Utilities management platform
  • Licensing and compliance facilities
  • Access to insurance and other services
  • Platforms for landlords, tenants, and lettings agents

Providing access to all these features on one handy platform makes the work of lettings agents far easier. It means that vital processes can be completed quickly, and tenants can be signed up and moved in with far greater speed and efficiency. 

How It Works

One of the great things about the Veri-Check platform is that it is very easy to use, as everything is in one convenient virtual place. There are fully managed or white-label options for agents to choose from, and agencies can maintain as little or as much control they want over the management side of things. 

The website offers clear information about the variety of services that agents can access. In addition, there are separate sections for landlords and tenants looking to benefit from the features that this platform offers. 

The platform can also be easily integrated into the existing software of agents, which makes it an even more convenient and simple solution.

There are also case studies on the website, which makes it easier for agents to determine whether this is the right platform for their needs. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

The use of PropTech is vital for this provider, as the platform it offers is a digital one that relies on modern technology. It is the use of innovative tech that enables lettings agents, landlords, and tenants to benefit from the many features and services available via the platform. 

Veri-Check Reviews

This platform has great reviews from hundreds of users online. On the allAgents review platform, it has been awarded an overall rating of 4.8/5 by users, with comments relating to the great service, speed and ease of use, and efficiency of the platform.

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