Smart Viewing Review

Smart Viewing enables estate and lettings agents to arrange viewings digitally rather than having to travel to properties in person.

In today’s digital age, more and more businesses have turned to digital technology to provide a range of services. This is something that has benefitted both businesses and their clients, as it provides increased convenience, ease, and simplicity. 

Among the businesses to turn to online technology are lettings and estate agents.

Smart Viewing is a provider that taps into the increased use of digital technology by estate and lettings agents. The provider aims to make the viewing process as simple as possible for agents, enabling them to save a huge amount of time, hassle, and even money. 

This is a great way for agents to enjoy a safer, faster, and more convenient way to show properties to prospective buyers or renters.

What They Offer

Estate and letting agents can look forward to a range of tools to help them to make the most of viewings without having to actually go out. Some of these include:

  • Browser-based facility
  • 1-1 and group viewings
  • Video and voice call facilities
  • In-viewing chat facilities
  • Customisable interface
  • API integration option

All the tools necessary are provided to agents who want to benefit from this convenient and simple means of arranging and conducting viewings. In addition, there is no installation necessary because the service is browser-based. 

How It Works

This is a service that is very simple in terms of its design and usage. Because there is no need to install anything, users do not have to worry about technical skills or time-consuming processes. 

The service can be accessed directly through the browser, which makes it very quick and simple for agents to use.

There are various different services that agents can choose from depending on their needs. The website provides detailed information about the tools and options that are available, and this makes it easy for agents to see which ones best fit their requirements. 

Users can do everything from conduct viewings with a single person with in-viewing chat facilities to conduct a group viewing to save even more time. All of the tools are simple to use and highly effective in terms of enabling agents to make the most of their time and resources. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

Smart Viewing is all about digital technology, so naturally, PropTech is a vital part of the service the provider offers. The key point of the service is for agents to be able to conduct viewings using online technology, which means that modern tech is pivotal to the provision of the service. 

Smart Viewing Reviews

At present, there are no online reviews of Smart Viewing. However, agents who want to learn more about the service will find plenty of information and detailed video introductions on the website. 

In addition, there is a listing of agents and property professionals that already use this facility, which can help agents to make a more informed choice. 

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