Service Improvements Review

Service Improvements is a UK provider offering video production services for the property industry.

For those who work in the property industry, being able to view properties and areas digitally has become increasingly important. With more and more people going online to access various services, the ability to learn more about properties in digital forms such as video has become vital. 

Estate and lettings agents as well as other property professionals now often turn to these methods to attract clients, buyers, and tenants.

Service Improvements is a provider that helps property professionals through the creation of specialist videos in the London and surrounding areas. The idea behind this is to enable property industry professionals to showcase their properties digitally, which can boost the chances of attracting more people and securing sales and lettings. 

What They Offer

At Service Improvements, there are various services and benefits available to help property professionals. Some of these are:

  • A free quote for property professionals
  • A detailed portfolio
  • Real estate videos
  • A range of packages to suit different needs
  • Details of past clients
  • Modern technology to create videos

The services that the provider offers all cater to property professionals looking to create effective and appealing videos of properties. 

How It Works

The service is simple to work out, and those interested can look at a choice of packages to suit their needs. The cost and what is included varies from one package to another. This then means that property professionals can choose a package that suits their needs as well as their budgets.

There is an essentials plan that is designed for estate and lettings professionals looking to showcase smaller properties. A range of services is included within the plan such as text and captions, background music, and walkthrough video.

There is also a premium package at a higher price, which includes additional services such as aerial views and voiceovers. Finally, there is a video hosting package, which is ideal for those that want their videos to be hosted by professionals.

The website also has a simple form that can be completed by website visitors in order to get a free quote. The FAQ section on the site can help website visitors to learn more about the service and get answers to queries. Website visitors can also meet the team via the website. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As the service is all based around the creation of digital video and hosting, PropTech is a vital part of operations for Service Improvements. The use of modern technology enables the provider to offer its range of packages and services to help boost success for property professionals. 

Service Improvements Reviews

There do not appear to be any reviews of Service Improvements online as yet. However, there is a lot of information on the website along with the portfolio of property videos for website visitors to look at. 

This makes it a little easier for property professionals to make a more informed choice relating to the suitability of the provider. 

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