Rightval Review

Rightval provides access to simple yet effective valuation and lead generation tools for estate and lettings agents.

There is a lot of stiff competition in the property market these days, with many estate and lettings agents vying for the same business. In order to stay a step ahead of competitors, agencies need to ensure they are using the right tools and services to help boost business. 

This is something that Rightval aims to assist with through the provision of valuation and lead generation tools. 

With simple set up, ease of use, and even a free trial available, this is a tool that is designed to help estate and lettings agencies capture leads from various platforms including social media, website traffic, and other platforms where the agency is being advertised. 

The tool is used by many estate and lettings agencies who want to boost business in a competitive market. 

What They Offer

You can benefit from a range of tools and services from Rightval. Among the services and products that they offer are:

  • Easy to use valuation tool
  • Software-only or fully managed services
  • Rightval Insights for statistics
  • Lead management tools
  • Third party integration
  • Contract-free services

Everything that the provider offers is designed to help capture valuable information so that lettings and estate agents can easily follow up on prospective business. 

How It Works

The service from Rightval is very simple and straightforward, and for those looking for increased simplicity, there is even a fully managed service available. 

Setting up the tool takes a matter of minutes, and there is no technical knowledge required in order to use and benefit from the service. With no contracts in place, agents are not tied to the service for a specified period, which means more freedom and flexibility for estate and lettings agencies.

The valuation tool is branded to the estate or lettings agency, and it enables agents to capture key information with far greater ease and convenience.

Agents can then follow up on those leads to increase business and bring new clients on board. There are instant notifications of potential new leads, and the variety of tools provided by Rightval makes it easier for agents to manage and monitor leads.   

How Do They Use PropTech?

As the tools provided by Rightval are all online tools, the use of PropTech is vital to the product and service they provide. Advanced technology forms a pivotal role in enabling Rightval to provide the necessary tools that agents need to capture and monitor potential new leads. 

It is the use of PropTech that enables Rightval to help agencies to generate more leads and boost business success. 

Rightval Reviews

Rightval has reviews on a few key sites, including Google Reviews and Trustpilot. Users have given it very good reviews, with a solid 5-stars on Google Reviews and an impressive 4.4/5 on Trustpilot. 

Reviewers were impresses with the ease of use and affordability of Rightval compared to competitors. In addition, reviewers praised the service received from the team at Rightval. 

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