Proptech-PR Review

Proptech-PR provides expert PR services to leading PropTech companies that want to make their mark in the real estate industry.

Proptech-PR is made up of a team of experts that help to bring the PropTech and real estate industries together. This is done through the provision of expert PR services. With professionals with expertise in real estate analysis, technology, consultancy, and journalism, this is a provider that can help to maximise the influence of PropTech companies within the real estate sector.

With more than eight decades of experience between them, the team at Proptech-PR has already been featured in a range of publications. This includes The Daily Telegraph, Estate Agency Today, and The Negotiator, among others. The company uses a range of methods and solutions to bring the PropTech and real estate industries together in today’s digital age. 

What They Offer

Proptech-PR has a huge amount to offer PropTech companies looking to become established in the real estate sector. The team uses various solutions to achieve high success rates, and this includes:

  • Networking expertise
  • Media placement
  • Collaborative insights and branding
  • Promoting clients’ products and services
  • Personal consultancy service
  • Assistance with key strategies

The team brings a host of valuable skills, experience, and knowledge together in order to offer PropTech companies with the ultimate service. This is a provider that deals exclusively with PropTech, which means that they can provide specialist knowledge and skills as well as a high level of expertise. 

How It Works

The impressive success levels achieved by Proptech-PR is all down to the experience and expertise of the team, and the modern solutions used. The provider has become an important influencer within the industry, and this means that the team at Proptech-PR is able to achieve fantastic results for PropTech companies. 

Clients can choose from a range of different services depending on their specific needs and goals. All the services are clearly outlined on the Proptech-PR website, so it is easy for businesses to determine which type of service is right for their needs. 

The cost of the different services is also clearly displayed, which makes it easier for businesses to ensure they stay within their budgets. 

Some of the service packages and solutions you can choose from are:

  • Business analysis – full day consultation with a full analytical report and recommendations
  • Business analysis – two days with full analytical report and recommendations
  • Business analysis – three days with full analytical report and recommendations
  • Guest speak at events and seminars
  • Commissioned articles
  • Reaching out to potential clients about products and services
  • Social media and traditional media coverage
  • Ongoing PR campaigns

So, there are many different options that businesses can choose from when it comes to tailoring the PR service to suit their needs and their budget.

Those interested in the services can arrange an initial face to face meeting, and there is a small fee for this initial consultation. However, for those who decide to go ahead and use services (subject to minimum spend) the fee for the initial consultation is refunded. 

So, basically, businesses that want to improve their reputation, connections, and links within the real estate sector simply need to browse the different options and prices available from Proptech-PR. 

Arranging an initial meeting can help to clarify which services are most beneficial for the business and how goals will be achieved by the Proptech-PR team. 

When it comes to learning more, there are lots of informational articles and guides available on the website relating to both PropTech and real estate. These can be downloaded with ease and make for interesting reading for those with businesses in these industries. 

Advantages of Proptech-PR

Thanks to the expertise and experience of the team at Proptech-PR, there are many benefits that come with using their services. Some of the benefits include:

A range of packages and services

One of the major benefits is that you can choose from a range of packages and services to cater to the specific needs of your business. This makes it easier for you to tailor the services you choose to your business needs as well as to control costs. 

Proven results

With years of experience within these industries, Proptech-PR has achieved a high level of success with its campaigns. Businesses that come on board and use their services can, therefore, benefit from a provider with proven results and a solid track record. 

Experience team of experts

Having people with experience and specialist expertise is vital when it comes to PR campaigns. The team at Proptech-PR has a wide range of collective experience and expertise in areas that are crucial to successful PR in the PropTech and real estate sectors. This means that new clients can book services with total confidence and enjoy total peace of mind. 

Disadvantages of Proptech-PR

Of course, it is also important for potential clients to consider any disadvantages. There are a few to consider, and this includes:

Initial Consultation

One of the disadvantages is that there is a fee for the initial consultation, so this is something that new clients will have to budget for. However, on the upside, this is refunded is services amounting to a specified minimum value are then booked. 

A small team with limited spaces

While the team at Proptech-PR has decades of experience collectively, it is a relatively small team. This means that availability may be limited, as they can only deal with a small number of clients. 

Limited services

One final thing to bear in mind is that this is not a full-service agency. So, while there are various services offered, there are still limits on the range of services available.

How Do They Use PropTech?

This is a company that described itself as not using PropTech but being PropTech. They work closely with PropTech companies to help them to achieve success within the real estate industry. 

Proptech-PR Reviews

There are currently no online reviews of Proptech-PR, the company has featured in a variety of publications. In addition, it has a social media presence, so those interested in the services can learn more about the provider via these platforms. 

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