Live & Learn Consultancy Review

Live and Learn Consultancy offers courses and training in a variety of industries including lettings and estate agency.

Live and Learn Consultancy has been around for over a decade with a primary goal as a training company to provide powerful learning experiences. The company aims to increase your employee’s skills to help them achieve their full workplace potential. Live and Learn operates across the UK and Europe, wherever your business is located. 

What They Offer

Live and Learn Consultancy aims to help you empower your team. The courses provide results driven soft skills to improve motivation, confidence, and workplace performance. These include:

  • In House Training Courses
  • Development Programs
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Away Day Training
  • Tailored Courses

Although Live and Learn Consultancy works in a variety of industries, many of the courses can be applied to estate agency. 

How It Works

The expert trainers can deliver in house training courses face to face at your premises in any area of the UK or via a virtual classroom.

The one day in house courses can all be tailored to your business and include topics such as leadership and management, customer service, sales skills, wellbeing and development, communication, and HR.  

Live and Learn Consultancy also offers tailored training for your specific business and area. The learning and development specialists can design a bespoke program for your team. This provides unlimited course design revisions, and is suitable for your entire workforce to maximise the training experience for your team. 

The company has a three-step process to create a tailored training program. Firstly, the consultants will listen to your team’s challenges and offer guidance on the type of courses that could benefit your staff.

Based on this initial consultation, the team will design a course in the areas that are specifically required. This is then delivered by a dedicated trainer using best practice techniques. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

Live and Learn Consultancy offers training and courses face to face or via a virtual classroom. These are live online events, where attendees can ask questions and participate in the training in real-time. This is an excellent use of PropTech, particularly for those who want the most efficient use of their time and cannot afford to travel to a training location. 

Live and Learn Consultancy Reviews

Live and Learn Consultancy has an excellent rating on Trustpilot with a score of 4.8 out of 5. This is based on over 60 reviews and 90% of these are 5 star. The company also has a 4.9 rating on Google Reviews. So, Live and Learn has a solid reputation within the industry. 

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