Kestrel-Cam Review

Kestrel-Cam aims to increase sales for estate agents with high-quality drone video and photography.

There is no doubt that the property sector has become far more competitive over recent years. Estate agents have a huge amount of competition to deal with, and this can reduce the number of instructions, lettings, and sales. 

However, there are steps that agents can take in order to help boost their success, and this includes using modern technology to properly showcase their properties. Many estate agents use a variety of solutions to do this, and one option is to use drone video and photography.

Giving other people a bird’s eye view of the property can help to give them a far better idea of suitability. In addition, more people looking to sell or rent out homes will be keen to sell through agents that provide this additional facility. 

Kestrel-Cam is a specialist provider that caters to the needs of estate agents with high-quality drone videos and photographs, and this can make a huge difference when it comes to generating interest and boosting sales. 

What They Offer

There are various services that are offered by Kestrel-Cam, and these are all geared toward helping property professionals to achieve greater levels of success. Some of the services and benefits you can look forward to include:

  • Aerial drone photography
  • Aerial drone filming and video
  • Aerial panoramas
  • Drone roof surveys and inspections
  • Construction site drone photography
  • Fully insured services and CAA approved

Website visitors can also look at drone videos created for other estate agencies to get a better idea of what to expect. 

How It Works

Using the services of this provider is a very simple process, as agents simply need to decide what sort of service they want and then contact the provider. There is a detailed section on the website that lists all of the services available from Kestrel-Cam, so agents and property professionals can quickly determine which of these is best suited to their needs.

There does not appear to be a pricing section on the website but there are full contact details, which means that agents can quickly get in touch with the provider for more information. 

Users have the reassurance that they are using one of the most experienced drone operators in the UK.

After making contact with the provider, agents can get details of pricing based on the particular service they are interested in. 

How Do They Use PropTech?

As Kestrel-Cam operates via drones and online, PropTech is very important and forms a pivotal part of the service they provide. Using modern technology is what enables the provider to offer these high-tech services to estate agents. 

Kestrel-Cam Reviews

There are no online reviews for this provider online at present. However, those who are interested can make contact with one of the team to learn more about the service. In addition, there is plenty of information on the website, which makes it easy for agents to determine the suitability of the provider and its services.

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