Homeflow Review

An award-winning SaaS business, Homeflow provides websites and software to aid the online performance of estate and lettings agents

Founded in 2006, Homeflow is a business that focuses on the creation of websites and the development of software solutions for estate and lettings agents. The aim of the business is to help estate agents to enjoy better performance, greater success, and increased revenue. This is something that the provider achieves in a variety of ways.

This provider offers a range of solutions and tools for agencies, with the main ones being website and lead generation tools. With the software offered, estate agencies and lettings agents can look forward to being able to compete more effectively with rivals in what has become a very competitive industry. 

What They Offer

With hundreds of clients in the estate and lettings agency industry, Homeflow offers access to a range of tools and services. Some of the main ones are:

  • Website creation for agencies
  • Lead generation services for agencies
  • Access to a range of resources
  • Instant valuation tool for vendors and landlords
  • Comprehensive support for clients
  • Consultancy services

The services are aimed at both small and larger agencies and can help to improve success levels and boost efficiency. 

How It Works

Estate and lettings agencies that are interested in using the services of Homeflow can benefit from access to a demo, which then makes it easier to make an informed choice. Agencies can determine from the demo whether this is the right choice for their needs. Services can also be tailored to meet the needs of individual agencies. 

When it comes to the website side of things, agencies can request the creation of a website with access to both website templates and bespoke designs.

This means that there are options to cater to different budgets as well as varying needs. These websites are designed to help agencies to win more leads and instructions.

In terms of lead generation, Homeflow helps to achieve results using a variety of different tools. This includes market-leading valuable tools, targeted PPC, benchmarking, and a range of additional tools that are designed to make a big difference to visitor numbers as well as instructions. 

Homeflow also uses cutting edge technology and innovation in order to create both websites and to develop software designed to drive business forward for estate and lettings agencies.

How Do They Use PropTech?

The nature of Homeflow’s business means that it relies heavily on PropTech in order to offers services and tools to estate and lettings agents. The services are all based around digital technology, enabling agencies to benefit from valuable tools that help them to operate more efficiently in today’s digital world. 

Homeflow Reviews

There are many testimonials from happy clients that agents can check on the Homeflow website, with many praising both the service levels and the effectiveness of the tools. On Google Reviews, Homeflow has a solid 5 stars with reviewers commenting on exceptional service, ease of use, and customer support among other things. 

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